Healthcare Facilities Management Course

Healthcare Facilities Management Course
Course Overview
Planning for and delivering capital projects in
today’s highly complex and strictly regulated
healthcare market requires facilities managers to
acquire various, specialized skill sets.
• Learn the planning and project management
processes required to be successful in this niche
area of the facilities management profession.
• Follow projects through the various planning and
implementation phases, including strategic
development and space planning.
• Perform a comprehensive review of project
design, construction, occupancy, and close out
functions that comply with regulatory standards.
• Explore the nuances and impact of myriad
regulations imposed by the various agencies that
maintain jurisdiction over healthcare projects.
This course is an elective in the Facilities
Management Professional Certificate program.
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Jeanmarie Bond
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Who Should Enroll?
"Healthcare jobs are expected to grow faster than
any other industry," according to researchers at Job growth in the healthcare industry
is expected to increase at a rate of 22%, burgeoning
to an anticipated 3.2 million new jobs by 2018. Given
this astounding rate of growth, professionals with
knowledge and experience pertaining to healthcare
facilities will be in great demand in the coming
Professionals involved with the design, space
planning, regulatory compliance or facilities
management of a hospital, medical center, clinic,
medical laboratory, long-term care facility, outpatient
services center, or physical therapy center will
benefit from the detailed information provided in this
nine-week course. Facilities Managers seeking to
expand their knowledge or diversify their skills will
find this course valuable. Likewise, building owners
or managers, hospital administrators and commercial
real estate professionals will gain substantial insights
by enrolling in this course.