WWI Review Guide

World War I
CH 19 Review Sheet
Terms & People
balance of power
Gavrilo Princip
Western Front
National Defense Act
War Industries Board
victory gardens
The Great War
Nicholas II
liberty bonds
Bernard Baruch
Fuel Administration
Triple Alliance
Central Powers
Wilhelm II
Sussex Pledge
Food Administration
Harry Garfield
Franz Ferdinand
Espionage Act
Sedition Act
John J. Pershing
“Big Four”
Treaty of Versailles
V.I. Lenin
Fourteen Points
David Lloyd George
war guilt clause
Georges Clemenceau
Triple Entente
Allied Powers
trench warfare
Zimmermann Note
Selective Service Act
Herbert Hoover
Committee on Public
American Expeditionary
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
League of Nations
Vittorio Orlando
Henry Cabot Lodge
Short Answer
1. List and explain three causes of World War I.
2. Woodrow Wilson wanted Americans to be “neutral in fact, as well as in name . . . impartial in
thought as well as in action”. Why would this be easier said than done?
3. Describe three events that caused the U.S. to end its policy of neutrality and enter the war.
4. Explain how the government was able to transform the U.S. economy from a peacetime to a
wartime one by mobilizing the 4Ms.
5. Explain the role that women and African-Americans played during World War I.
6. After Russia left the war, why was it easier for Americans to support the war effort?
7. What aspects of the Treaty of Versailles would eventually lead to World War II?
8. Why did the League of Nations fail?
9. Why did the U.S. Senate fail to ratify the Treaty of Versailles?
Understanding Main Ideas
1. Why were the Balkans described as a powder keg waiting to explode before WWI?
2. What was preventing many Americans from remaining neutral at the outbreak of war in
3. How did the actions of European nations affect U.S. neutrality?
4. What actions did the Food Administration undertake to help the war effort?
5. How was the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk a positive event in the eyes of many Americans?
6. Explain the Treaty of Versailles. What parts would eventually lead to WWII?
7. Explain the following famous quotations from Woodrow Wilson:
o “We must make the world safe for democracy”
o “peace without victory”
o “the war to end all wars”
8. Why did the League of Nations fail?
9. What could Woodrow Wilson have done differently that might have led to the Treaty of
Versailles eventually being ratified by the Senate?
Extra Extra Review Questions
1. What was the initial spark that began World War I?
2. Who were the Allies? Who were the Central Powers?
3. List 5 advancements in technology that led to high casualties.
4. Describe trench warfare.
5. What was the Lusitania?
6. List two reasons America eventually entered the war.
7. When was the Russian Revolution? What impact did this have on Russia’s involvement in the
8. Discuss the Battle of the Marne.
9. How did World War I change the United States?