A simple introduction to a new approach

Business environments:
A simple introduction to a new approach
Customer Relationship
Business Environments
“How was it in the past”
One to one sales environment
Not a lot of competition
With high customer retention
Less customer knowledge
Very few options
Business Environments
“How is it nowadays”
Mass production
Strong competition
Varity of options
Internet, e-commerce, e-business … etc
Customers are more demanding
The margins are shrinking
Huge database
Business Environments
“A new approach is required!!!”
Helps in finding out about your customers'
purchasing habits, opinions and preferences
Assists in profiling individuals and groups to
market more effectively and increase sales
Aids in changing the way you operate to improve
customer service and marketing
Builds some kind of a relationship
The new approach
“How it can be done”
Determine current
level of Customer
Relationships within
the enterprise
Leverage and
disseminate customer
information throughout
Establish interaction
with current customer
Analyze data for
Acquire and capture
customer data based
on Interactions
Use technology to
store and integrate
customer data
In conclusion
“Customer Relationship Management (CRM)”
CRM is a strategy that aims to understand,
anticipate, and manage the needs of an
organization's current and potential customers
Increase Customer Retention / Loyalty – 94%
Respond to Competitive Pressures – 77%
Competitive Advantages from Superior Customer
Service – 73%
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