Midterm Exam - High Point University

MIS 420
Business Intelligent Systems
Spring 2003
Midterm Exam
Short Essay
Answer the following questions completely. In order to receive full credit you
MUST answer the question asked, not one to your liking.
1. What is an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)? Please describe
in detail the activities that are involved and the purpose of the system.
2. What are some of the benefits of ERP software and systems?
3. What is a Data Warehouse (DW)? Why the “rush” to design the DW?
4. List and describe at least 5 objectives of data-warehousing.
5. OLTP vs. OLAP. What is the difference?
6. Describe the function and types of data mining tools. How can data
mining tools assist in providing information for functional areas in a
7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been defined in many
ways. What exactly is CRM? Why have we seen such an interest in CRM?
8. Discuss five goals of CRM.
9. You were assigned an individual ERP software vendor to investigate.
Discuss their offerings and major contributions of the software.
10. List and discuss 5 of the eleven factors that define information quality.
Which do you consider the most critical? Why?