Multi-Cell SBM-MERV 14 - Koch Filter Corporation

Koch Filter Corporation
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Multi-Cell SBM Filter, MERV 14, (95%), Engineering Specification
1.0 General
1.1 Filters shall be Multi-Cell SBM filter as manufactured by Koch Filter Corporation.
1.2 Filters shall be available in depths of a nominal 12” and 6”.
1.3 Filters shall be Underwriters Laboratories Standard 900 Classified.
2.0 Filter Construction and Materials
2.1 Media shall be wet-laid, gradient density, micro-fiberglass with corrugated aluminum
separators, with hemmed safety edge, to maintain pleat uniformity and spacing.
2.2 Frame shall be made with galvanized steel.
2.3 Frame shall have a header on the upstream and downstream side of the filter, (13/16”
standard depth 1 1/8” optional depth).
2.4 Filter media pack shall be sealed to the frame using hot melt adhesive.
3.0 Filter Performance
3.1 Filters shall be available as MERV 14 when tested in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2 – 2007
and ASHRAE 52.2 – 2007 Appendix J.
3.2 Filters shall have an initial pressure drop of 0.58” w. g. @ a flow of 500 fpm, (12” nominal
depth), and 0.33” w. g. @ a flow of 250 fpm, (6” nominal depth), (+/- 10% per A.R.I.
3.3 Filter shall be rated to withstand a continuous operating temperature up to 180 degrees
Fahrenheit or 82 degrees Celsius.
3.4 Filters shall have a recommended final resistance of 1.5” w. g.
3.5 Filters may be installed with the pleats in either a vertical or horizontal position.