Unit 5 tic-tac-toe

French 1 CH 5 Homework Tic Tac Toe
Je m’appelle_______________________________________________
Select 5 assignments to complete per chapter. You may turn in 1 assignment per day during the warm-up
time. Each assignment square you complete must be signed by me. Each assignment is worth 1 point of
extra credit on the test. If you want to do more than 5 you can do up to 4 more for extra credit on your unit
quiz. The boards are due the day of the chapter test.
Find out what happens when French STOPS being a class and starts being REAL!!
Call Google Voice. State your real
name both first and last. Using
the vocab sheet, state 1
sport/activity you especially like,
1sport/ activity you like, and 1
sport/activity you do not like.
Create a poster illustrating how to
conjugate aller and faire.
Decorate a new tissue box with 10
pictures of sports/activities.
Label each sport or activity.
Research sports/activities in a
francophone (French-speaking)
country. Draw a Venn Diagram
to compare sports/activities in
the francophone country with
sports/activities in the United
Make 30 flashcards using
vocabulary words of your
choice. It’s a good idea to use
words you need to learn.
Visual and/or Technology:
Create a poster/chart in which
you show how frequently you
participate/do not participate in
10 sports/activities.
Write an email to me in which
you state five things your are
going to do next weekend using
the verb aller + infinitive.
Spend 20 minutes playing quia
online games to practice the
vocabulary. You will need to sign
in with your username and
password to get credit for this
Use a smartphone, iPad, etc. to
record yourself pretending to be
a meteorologist. You will state
what the weather is like in each
season. Upload to the class
YouTube channel.