Sports - why getting involved is good for us!

Student 2 page 2: High Merit
Sports - why getting involved
is good for us!
Explain the significance for self,
others, and society of a sporting
event, physical activity or festival
Why sports are important to
• Involved in surf lifesaving and netball
• Love mountain biking in the weekends
• Lots of positive experiences in recent P.E
• Lots of enjoyment/satisfaction
• Keeps me fit and healthy
Is sport important to
• I have lots of friends who play sport
• My family are all successful in their chosen
• Our school not known for sporting ability
• Other schools are top in some sports
Is sport important to
• Sport is everywhere in society eg news media
• Gives people something to do 'a kid in sport stays
out of court'
• Keeps people fit eg 30mins a day for adults to maintain fitness
• Is fun and entertaining
• Lots of opportunities to be involved in the
• Money to be made eg gear and franchises
Three girls - different
• Britta - exchange student from Germany
improved mental toughness and
social skills from playing rugby
• My Grandma - Masters athlete
still competing in her 70s
an inspiration to me and others
• My cousin - 4years old and into everything
kidsfun gym
swim school
Peewee soccer
Sports Afternoon
• Opportunity to promote sport and raise
profile in the school
• Something that appeals to the majority
• New opportunities for students to find things
they are good at
• Contribution to healthy lifestyle for teens
• Improved mental health
• Promotes lifelong participation
• Sports Coordinator Survey 2010