Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing
Do you have a mind for business and a love of
What is Marketing?
The study of people and what they buy, how
much they will pay, where they want to purchase
a product, and how they are affected by
promotional tactics and messages.
The marketing orientation, or concept, is a
philosophy concerning the way a company
should be managed. It consists of three
requirements (Cravens and Woodruff, 1983):
1.Examine people’s needs and wants as the
basis of deciding what the business will do.
2.Select the best way to meet the consumer’s
needs that are targeted by the firm.
3.Achieve the organization’s performance
objectives by meeting the consumers’ needs
What is Sports Marketing?
The process of designing and implementing
activities for the production,pricing,promotion,
and distribution of a sport or sport business
product to satisfy the needs or desires of
consumers and to achieve the company’s
The sport marketer must be able to recognize and
analyze a business’s environments, determine
their effects, and make strategic decisions that
will enhance the success of the sport business
Eras of Sports Marketing
International Sports Marketing Personnel
• It is imperative that personnel be educated for cultural
sensitivity prior to their involvement in international
• Review and understand the following issues about your
host nation before traveling and dealing with
international executives.
• Touching
• Relationships between males and females
• Drinking
• Gifts
• Time and schedules
• Business etiquette
Specifics of International Sport Marketing
• The expansion of professional and amateur sports
internationally has been well recognized in the sportmarketing arena. One of the first sport organizations to
recognize the global demand for its product was the NBA.
• Football is the most popular sport on television across the
globe, and many US companies, like Nike and Adidas, have
been very successful with their sponsorships.
• It is important to remember that the United States has an
aging population,yet in much of the developing world, the
population is considerably younger and becoming even