APE 8th Grade TEKS

116.24 8.1
Movement. The student demonstrates competency in movement patterns
and proficiency in a few specialized movement forms.
The student is expected to:
 coordinate movements with team mates to achieve team goals
 demonstrate personal awareness to body space in boundary game
 demonstrate their modified version of running, throwing, jumping, or
 perform selected folk, country, square, line, creative and/or aerobic dances
 perform sequence of dance steps using movement of choice
 demonstrate WITH CUE specialized skills related to sports such as
overhand throw for distance, serving and bumping a volleyball, shooting a
basketball, forehand and backhand striking with adaptive equipment
 participate correctly in 1-2 skill modified sport(s)
 demonstrate outdoor pursuits skills such as backpacking, hiking, canoeing
116.24 8.2
Movement. The student applies movement concepts and principles to the
learning and development of motor skills.
The student is expected to:
 modify activities that provide practice of selected skills with nondominant hand
 apply similar movement concepts and elements in a variety of sport skills
such as throwing and tennis serving
 describe the importance of goal setting in improving skills
 correct errors of their own skill performance using teacher feedback
 make appropriate changes in performance based on verbal and physical
 widen stance or lower center of gravity upon teachers request
 use basic offensive and defensive strategies while playing a modified
version of a sport
Physical activity and health. The student exhibits a health enhancing,
physically active lifestyle that provides opportunities for enjoyment and challenge.
The student is expected to:
 select physical activities that provide for enjoyment and challenge
 identify opportunities in the school and community for participation in
physical activity
 participate in games, sports, dance, and/or outdoor pursuits in and outside
of school based on interests
 identify favorite lifelong physical activities
 participate in physical activity for a sustained period of time
 maintain healthy levels of flexibility
 develop and maintain muscular strength and endurance of the arms,
shoulders, abdomen, back and legs
evaluate personal fitness goals and make appropriate changes for
recognize and select appropriate technology tools to monitor and improve
physical development
Physical activity and health. The student knows the benefits from
involvement in daily physical activity and factors that affect physical performance.
The student is expected to:
 using picture symbols student will choose positive results from
participation in PE
 identify slow, go, and whoa foods using picture symbols
 demonstrate correct lifting technique using Sandbells
Physical activity and health. The student understands and applies safety
practices associated with physical activities.
The student is expected to:
 use Sandbells in safe and appropriate manner upon teachers request
 use proper attire that promotes participation
 include warm-up and cool-down procedures during exercises
 identify effects of exercise on the body, and prevention methods of
harmful effects of things like sunburn, heatstroke using picture symbols
Social development. The student understands basic components such as
strategies and rules of structured physical activities including but not limited to, games,
sports, dance and gymnastics.
The student is expected to:
 comply with modified rules of games
Social development. The student develops positive self-management and
social skills needed to work independently and with others in physical activity settings.
The student is expected to:
 solve problems in physical activities analyzing causes and potential
 work cooperatively in a group to achieve group goals and
competitive/cooperative settings
 identify and follow rules while playing sports and games
 accept decisions made by game officials such as teachers, peers
 use peer interaction positively to enhance personal physical activity and
safety such as encouragement and clapping, high-fives