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Mrs. Sampson
•Middle School History
Around God’s World
Bible Class and Small
Pastor Seth
– Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Tarkoff
Small Group on Friday
– Boys with Kevin Piazza
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– Girls with Sara Bridgeman
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School-Home Communication
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• Agenda
History is who we are and why we are the way we are.
~David McCullough
History has a purpose, an end
in view, designed by God.
California State
Content Standards
Year Overview-6th Grade - Ancient History
Beginning of Civilization to the Roman Empire
 Trimester 1
– Unit 1:Early Humans and Societies
• Early Man Story and Poster Project
– Unit 2: Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Kush
• Mesopotamia Brochure Project
• Ancient Egypt 3-D Project
 Trimester 2
– Unit 3: Civilization in India and China
• China Folder Project
– Unit 4: Foundations of Western Ideas
• Ancient Greece Pocket Book Project
 Trimester 3
– Unit 5: The Roman World
• Roman Empire Technology Project
– Unit 6: Endings and Beginnings
Year Overview: 7th
World History: Medieval to Modern Times
The Fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance and
the Age of Reason
 Trimester 1
– Unit 1: Connecting With
the Past – Fall of Rome
& Byzantine Empire
• Byzantine News Project
– Unit 2: The Islamic World
• Islam – Christianity
Comparison Project
 Trimester 2
– Unit 3: West African
• Africa Folder Project
 Trimester 3
– Unit 6: Renewal in
• Person of the Age
Magazine Project
– Unit 4: Asian
• Asian Civilization Topic
– Unit 5: Medieval Europe
– Unit 7: Civilizations in
the Americas
• Medieval Life 3-D
• Student Group
History Interactive Notebooks
 Purpose of an Interactive History
– Organized materials and notes
– Personal study tool – organized information
for tests
– Personal ownership of work suited to
student learning styles
– Students will have the opportunity to use
higher order thinking skills, to apply, analyze
and integrate information.
 Daily Homework
– Types of Homework Assignments
• Textbook/Notebook Assignments –
– Reading, section questions, notes,
• Project Assignments –
– Work in progress checks
– Grade based on completeness and work
is corrected in class
• Points ?
Tests & Quizzes
 Quiz Grades
– Small Home
– In-class Projects
– Multiple Choice
Textbook Section
– History Notebook
 Test Grades
– Chapter Tests
– Large Projects
 Notebook Evaluation
– Notebooks are collected
at the end of units or
chapters. Graded on:
– Content, Quality, and
Completeness – 50
– Visual Appearance and
Organization – 40
– Challenge Work – Extra
Effort – 10 points
– Total = 100
Quiz/Classwork points
•Homework: 10 %
•Quizzes/Class Activites/Notebook: 40%
•Tests/Projects: 50%
Late, Missing, and Make-up
Online Resources
Online textbook
Resources for parents,
students, and teachers
Holt Math Curriculum
Online Resources
Online textbook
Resources for parents,
students, and teachers
Students learn that math is ordered, logical, and
predictable because God’s order, logic and
predictability is established in creation.
 Mathematics is the
language God used to
create His universe
 Understanding math
gives us insight into
the nature and
character of God
 Mathematical
concepts are linked to
God’s created world
Middle School Math and
Higher Order Thinking
 As a science of abstract objects,
mathematics relies on logic rather than
on memorization and observation.
 Students are now moving from concrete
to abstract thinking. 2 + 3 = 5 to 2a + 3b = x
 They will move beyond memorizing facts and
 Involves:
Seeing complex patterns
Applying known processes to new situations
Learning a new language
 Homework Grade –
– Includes:
• Homework assignments – checked daily, stamp given on
assignment sheet
• Assignment Sheet – Weekly grade
• Notes due at the end of the chapter
– Math homework should take about 30
– Homework is a tool for students to practice
concepts; learn independent thinking and selfevaluation.
• Students should have minimal parent help. Parents
should not correct homework!
• Homework is graded on completeness, not correct
Quizzes, Tests, Etc.
There will be a quiz or
test approximately
every week
Tests –
– One per chapter
– Test corrections are
required – 10 point test
– One retake per trimester
The middle school
students’ minds are
still maturing!
Be patient!
They are a (God’s)
work in progress.
High School Math Path
LHS Courses include:
•Consumer Math
•Algebra 1
•Enriched Algebra 1
•Honors Geometry,
•Intermediate Algebra 2
• Algebra 2/Trigonometry
•Honors Algebra
•Honors Pre-Calculus
•AP Statistics
•AP Calculus
UC Mathematics
3 years required, 4 years
Three years of collegepreparatory mathematics that
include the topics covered in
elementary and advanced
algebra and two- and threedimensional geometry.
Approved integrated math
courses may be used to fulfill
part or all of this requirement,
as may math courses taken in
the seventh and eighth grades
that your high school accepts
as equivalent to its own math
Success in Higher Math
Advice for students (and parents)
 Be there – absences can really hurt
 Be interested
 Listen and take notes
 Correct your own work – want to know
what you did wrong
 Ask questions when you don’t
– Make an appointment with the teacher if