Darann's PPT presentation from the workshop which

Provide you with strategies so you can
support your reader at home.
Let them:
 Choose the book
 Choose the place
Do you know what
Halloween is?
 What is the boy wearing?
 What is on the girls head?
 Why are they wearing
 What is this (point to the
 What did they do to make
the face or the letters?
Read at a slower pace and articulate
 Track the words (with your finger) as you
 Model reading behavior (holding the
book, tracking, turning pages etc.)
 Point out words that repeat.
 Talk about vocabulary words. Try to
relate it to something they already know.
Take more time to read.
 Review what was read the previous time.
 Stop at times to clarify, explain, and
 Ask open ended questions.. What do
you think about, how did you feel when
 Show pictures (if any).
 Talk about what they visualize.
Memorizing is part of pre-reading, its
 Don’t be alarmed if they confuse
p,d,b,q. Point out the letter, name it, tell
the sound. Repeat often.
 If they stop often to chat about the book
or something the book reminds them of,
let them. They are making connections.
 Stop when it becomes frustrating for you
or the child.