How To Write A Good Halloween Story

By Mrs. Watson’s Grade 3/4 Class
1. Try to include characters as:
 ghosts
 goblins
 aliens
 monsters
 witches
 vampires
 zombies
 mummies
2. Think of "new Halloween story themes"
 Lady wearing all white and accosting drivers on the
street (then disappearing),
 aliens who are really "lost spirits" in disguise,
 ghosts who suddenly appear in the internet screen
or something like getting lost in a video game.
3.Try to describe your setting in a "scary"
atmosphere. For example: A place with fake
spider webs, dim lights, candles, and pictures even
bizarre was figures. Add some plants (like cactus)
that may look weird.
Make the "scary place" more exciting more than
4.You can find a story from the "old
stories" but change the characters.
Add a strange new twist or a spooky part and an
unusual ending.
For example, you can turn Snow White’s characters
to make them more modern and end up in weord
5.Remember to use “voice inflection” and
“sound effects”.
When you tell your story, you can start with a low
voice (after all, you want to sound serious) and
practice what words you have to emphasize.
Make your words simple but use your voice to
emphasize unusual twists in your story.
For example: Instead of
saying "a woman who wears white and seems to be a
ghost" say " a woman wearing white who seems to be
able to walk and float on the air".
7. Make the ending unpredictable. Make your
Halloween story scary BUT always keep the general
theme that good wins over evil. If you're telling a story of
a wicked witch make sure that there's a "good" fairy
somewhere who has the same scary powers but who
wins in the end of your story.
8. Get ready to tell your story at our
Halloween party.