Share Wear

Share Wear
Getting acquainted
Group size:
Any number over 12
10-15 minutes
Explain the concept of “real shareware” – software that that has been
created and is available free on the Internet for others to use and adapt
to meet their needs. Assure the class that the share wear that they will
be participating in will require much less effort and technical expertise.
1. Divide the participants into groups of six to twelve.
2. Explain that in groups each person will have a chance to tell a story
about something that they are currently wearing. For example, they
may tell a story about a belt, piece of jewelry, or article of clothing
that they have on.
3. Give an example by describing something that you are wearing. Be
sure that you are wearing something this day that you have a good
story about.
4. Explain that they will have a total of eight minutes to share their
stories with each other.
5. When time is up, have each group share the best story from their