Chapter 3 An Enduring Document

Chapter 3
An Enduring Document
Section 2
The Amendment Process
Constitutional Terms
1. amend – to change or modify to make
2. joint resolution – both houses of
Congress must pass and the Chief
Executive must approve – used in
temporary or unusual circumstances
3. due process – government must act in
accordance with established rules
Constitutional Terms Cont.
4. civil – ordinary community life as
opposed to criminal proceedings
5. bail – money given to the court by a
defendant as security
6. repeal – to remove by legislative act
Main Ideas
1. In what two ways can the Constitution
be amended?
2/3 of both houses of Congress can
propose an amendment
Special national convention called by
Congress at the request of 2/3 of state
Main Ideas
How are new amendments ratified?
Approved by the legislatures of ¾ of the
states. (38)
Special ratifying conventions in ¾ of the
Main Ideas
2. What fundamental rights are protected
by the First Amendment?
Religion, speech, assembly, press and the
right to petition the government.
Main Ideas
3. How was the amendment process used to
improve the lives of former slaves after the Civil
Passed the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments
These Amendments ended slavery, gave
citizenship, constitutional rights to all men
regardless of race, color etc. and allowed former
slaves to vote
If you had an opportunity to add an
amendment to the Constitution, what
would you propose? Why?