Chapter 25: Americans and a World In Crisis 1933-1945
Practice Questions Answer Key
1. D (see pg. 782 in the text; Roosevelt renounced the Platt amendment, he did not reaffirm it)
2. D (see pg. 783; The Anschluss in 1938 was the proclaimed union between Austria and
3.C (The Ludlow Amendment was never passed, but it is true that it's consideration revealed how
many Americans were reluctant to go to war and wanted to avoid war at almost any cost)
4.E (see pg. 785; The Nuremberg Laws outlawed marriage and intercourse between Jews and
non-Jews; it also stripped Jews of the rights of German citizenship and increased restrictions on
Jews in all spheres of German education, social, and economic life; while it may have
encouraged an attitude leading to this frenzy of arson and destruction, it did not officially
sanction it)
5. B (see pg. 785: Jeannette Rankin was the only dissenter to the US declaration of war against
Japan on December 8th)
6. A (see pg. 788 and packet)
7. B (see pg. 789; also know that the OWM coordinated production, procurement, transportation,
and distribution of civilian and military supplies)
8. B (see pg. 799; Unlike the past, most women workers during WWII were married)
9.D (see pg. 802; Originally music featured patriotic themes such as "Goodbye , Mama I'm Off
to Yokohama," but this quickly faded too lamenting songs which then drifted from melancholy
to bitterness)
10. A (see pg. 802; side-note: can you identify the terms in the other option choices?)
11. C (see pg. 805; Executive Order 9066 authorized removal of those deemed as a threat; note
that not a single Japanese American was apprehended for espionage or sedition. Executive Order
8802 banned discriminatory employment practices in war-related industries)
12. E (see pgs. 808-809; hopefully you didn't skip or skim these pages; look at last paragraph)
13. B (see pg. 810)
14. D (see pg . 806; the big three delegated a postwar commission to settle reparations, not
establish democratic governments in eastern Europe [even though that was one of FDR's goals])