People’s Century 1900-1999 Name___________________ Master Race

People’s Century 1900-1999
Master Race
1 In Vienna, Austria, at the time the Nazis came to power, Jews
accounted for
________________ percent of the medical doctors and
________________ percent of the lawyers.
2. Nazis created a historical _________________ to support their ideas
that purebred Germans were naturally superior because they were
descended from
_______________ _____________.
3. The ideal baby was ________________ pure and
_________________ perfect.
4. Jews were banned from which professions during the years 1933-35?
5. The children’s story _________ ______________ _______________
taught children how to spot and be wary of Jews. It also taught that
Jews needed to be gotten rid of.
6. Mentally ill and handicapped Germans were forcibly
7. On November 9, 1938, over 1,000 synagogues were burned, 300 Jews
were killed and 30,000 Jews were rounded up. This event came to be
_________________________, which means the “night of broken
8. In Warsaw, Daily rations of food were meted out with Germans given
2,300 calories per day, Poles were given 1,000 calories per day and
Jews were given
_____________ calories per day
9. Why were Jews who were being sent to concentration camps for
extermination not told of their destinations?
10.At the camps, new arrivals were divided into 2 groups, The groups
the_______________ and _____________..