Interior Design Sylabus - Geary County Schools USD 475

Interior Design
Mrs. Hufford
[email protected]
One Semester - .5 credit
Office Hours 7:20 am – 3:15
Except Thursdays
Course Description
This course will give students an understanding of the elements and principles of design, knowledge of design
functions and special needs, as well as history of housing and styles. Students will learn how to apply design
concepts through daily work and projects completed during the course of this class. A final project of a client
(fictional) centered home design incorporating design elements and principles, client needs, special needs, and
various aspects of interior design learned throughout the semester will be expected of each student and will be a
major component of the final grade.
Topics Covered:
History of housing and styles, Elements and Principles of design, Interior Environments, Design Plans and
Floor Plans, Special needs and design considerations, Architects and career possibilities, and Green
Design products and strategies.
Exams and Assessments
There will be a minimum of 2 exams and quizzes during this course. There will be course notes and study
guides completed during the daily work and will be used to study for tests and quizzes, so I encourage
students to keep their course material and study guides for the term of the semester.
Grading and Grading Scale
Participation and Daily Work
Tests/Quizzes and Projects
90 – 100%
80 – 89%
70 – 79%
60 – 69%
0 - 59%
Text book: Homes Today and Tomorrow by Ruth F Sherwood
Supplies: Student will need pens and pencils, notebook paper, ruler, and colored pencils. We may also
use poster board or foam core display board for displaying final project. Donations of various home
improvement catalogs, magazines, and product samples (such as paint swatches, flooring, siding,
counter top samples, or other design related items) will be gladly accepted for students use during this
and future classes.
Classroom Rules
Show consideration for classmates, guest speakers, and teacher by respecting their property,
ideas, and opinions.
Show respect to yourself and others by arriving to class on time, being in your correct seat, and
ready to participate in the days’ activities.
I encourage questions pertaining to the daily topic through raising your hand and responding in
turn to others with questions.
I encourage speaking loud enough for others to hear so that what is said won’t be construed as
a derogatory remark or hurtful statement, as well as sharing thoughts and ideas.
You can talk to me if you have any problems completing work on time or need any other
Your student’s handbook and agenda will be a valuable source of rules used throughout the
school year - I will guide you in following those rules.
Participation in classroom routines, activities, projects and seat work with a helpful attitude will
result in liberal participation points.
Any cologne, perfume, or grooming aides need to be applied at home before coming to class so
that any people with allergies will not suffer during class. Forgetfulness in this area will result in
being sent to the restroom to wash; habitual problems with this are serious and will earn you a
referral to your academy office and a call/email to your parent or guardian.
Late Work:
Any work or assignments missed due to absence will be accepted up to the end of each 6 week grading
period and is the students’ responsibility to obtain, complete, and turn in the missed assignments. No
missing assignment will be accepted for the previous 6 week grading period.
All Students are expected to follow the JCHS behavior matrix
verbal warning
call home / detention
office referral
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