Course Syllabus - Monona Grove School District

Course Information
Organization: Monona Grove High School & MATC
Josh Fassl
Course Number:
10-104-102 at Madison College
Congratulations - you are about to embark on a
Contact Info
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 608-221-7666 x 2113
Hours: M-F 7:30 am to 4 pm
great journey where you will discover many things
about yourself, but the biggest outcomes of this class is that you will:
 Gain knowledge of basic marketing principles and build your business vocabulary
 Understand how the customer is the focal point of all successful buisnesses
 Demonstrate understanding of the marketing mix
 Analyze marketing concepts in the role they play in today's business atmosphere
 Earn 3 College credits from Madison College
 Opportunity for AP (CLEP testing-college board)
Description per Madison College's Catalog
This foundation course introduces students to the marketing process and how it operates in
today's dynamic organizations. The entire marketing mix is examined on a broad scale. Topics
include: market segmentation and targeting strategies, market research, consumer behavior,
product development, pricing policies, distribution, and an overview of promotion. This basic
course provides a comprehensive overview of the exciting world of marketing .
Course Activities: You will use hands-on techniques to learn how to be successful in
the business world through advanced marketing. Marketing will be supplemented with
field trips, guest speakers, case problems and group projects. Participation in DECA is
highly recommended and extra credit will be given for attendance at events. Students
will develop retail knowledge through working at the “Eagle’s Nest.” Students are
required to work 5 shifts in the school store…students can earn extra credit or DECA
travel cash for working additional shifts.
 Marketing 3rd Edition by Dhruv Grewal & Michael Levy Published by McGraw-Hill (MATC)
 Marketing Essentials by Lois Schneider Farese, Grady Kimbrell, Carl A. Woloszyk
Published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
This course provides students the skills for successful careers in any business setting
as well as provides you the content needed to allow you to earn 3 college credits
(like AP) for Principles of Marketing CLEP test at most universities.
Classroom Expectations:
 NO Cell Phones (unless we are using them for a quiz), Music Players, FOOD
without permission.
 All students are expected to be in class and on time daily. Keep in mind that the
school store gets awfully dirty and needs cleaning frequently, for those of you who
accumulate tardy time.
 Don’t line up by the door; first one up= last one out!
 Come to class prepared with a PEN and PENCIL, notebook and binder.
 If it’s not yours, don’t touch it! (especially Mr. Fassl’s cabinets).
Marketing and MG DECA… a connection that lasts a lifetime
Tentative Course Outline:
Semester I, 2013-14
I. The People- 6 weeks
A. Marketing Concept
B. Targeting, Segmenting, &
C. Marketing Mix
D. Ethics
E. B2B vs. B2C
F. Consumer Behavior
G. Customer Service
H. Eagle’s Nest -MGHS School Store
I. DECA - An Association of
Marketing Students
*4p’s Project
II. Planning for Marketing - 4 weeks
A. Market Research
B. Types of Data & Forms of Data
C. Strategic Planning
D. Business Cycle
F. Environmental Trends, Legal
Implications, Laws, Ethics
* Business research assignment
III. The Product- 4 weeks
A. Product Development
B. The Product Life Cycle
C. Product Lines & Product Items
D. Branding
E. Packaging
F. Labeling
Semester II, 2014
V. Promotion - 6 weeks
A. B2B, B2C, C2C, & M2M
B. Marketing Mix
C. Advertising
i. Branding vs. Call to Action Ads
D. Publicity
E. Sales Promotions
F. Sales Process
G. Personal Selling
*Promotion Project
VI. Place - 5 weeks
A. Levels of Global Marketing
B. Supply Chain Management
i. Push vs. Pull
C. Channel Members
D. Channel Options
i. Intensity
E. Types of Retail
i. Visual Merchandising
F. Purchasing
VII. Professional Preparation
A. Career Portfolio
B. Cover letter
C. Resume
*Career interview final exam
IV. Pricing the Product - 4 weeks
A. Economics
i. Laws of Econ
ii. Demand/Supply Curves
iii. Break Even Points
iv. Elasticity
B. 5 C's
C. Perpetual Map
D. Pricing Strategies
E. Psychological Pricing Factors
*New Product Project
Marketing and MG DECA… a connection that lasts a lifetime
Class Attendance will follow school policy, 2 days to complete work. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to
make up any necessary arrangements for make-up work for excused absences. Remember, grades and
attendance have a direct correlation.
Passes: You will receive 2 hall passes per quarter to use at your discretion. This includes forgetting your
class materials. Use them wisely. Extra Credit will be given for unused hall passes at the end of the
1 freebie. You are responsible for any material missed during your tardiness. Each minute you are late,
you owe me that time after school, any additional tardiness will result in 1 hour of after school detention.
Required Materials:
1 1/2” binder to be used only for marketing class. Because we don’t have a textbook you will receive
a lot of packets and materials that should be stored in your binder. There will be periodic Binder checks.
You should have a section for each unit and a category for notes under each section. Random Binder
Checks will occur for pts.
IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENTS: if we work on them in class, they are due at the time assigned, no exceptions.
If you don’t do it, you will not be allowed to turn it in late. (If you are absent, you have 2 days to
complete the assignment for FULL credit)
HOMEWORK: Homework is due at the beginning of class for FULL credit. It will be graded by “effort”;
did you try?
If we go through the answers together as a class, there will be no opportunity (NO LATE) to
complete the assignment late. (If you are absent the day it was assigned, you have 2 days to
complete the assignment for FULL credit)
If I collect the assignment to “grade” for completion based upon measuring your knowledge. I
will accept it LATE (50%) the next school day. Once I return the assignments and we discuss
them, you will not be allowed to turn it in for credit.
K+S Policy
If you complete a project (to your best ability) ON TIME, and you get a low score that you are unhappy
with. See Mr. Fassl, we’ll discuss what you could’ve done better and how to improve your grade. You
will be allowed to “REDO” your assignment for ½ of the points back.
If you complete your project LATE, you will not be allowed to “REDO” it for additional points. 1-10 days =
max 90%, after 10 days= max 59%. You can complete K+S assignments up until 1 week before the end
of the semester.
If you have a LOW test or quiz score, See Mr. Fassl. Show him (within 2 class periods) that you had
“studied/prepared” yourself for the test/quiz. He will go through your answers and allow you to “retake”
the test/quiz either verbally or actually re-doing the test for additional points.
“There's no excuses you can’t make. The effort level is the one
thing you can control.”
Marketing and MG DECA… a connection that lasts a lifetime