STEM LAbs and
Maker Spaces
in Schools
Why and How to get started
This is NOT a Maker Space
What is a Maker Space?
Why a Maker
• These spaces facilitate
authentic, hands-on,
project based learning
• They teach students how
to think critically, be
resourceful, persevere,
and problem solve.
These are skills that are difficult to teach in a
traditional classroom.
Georgia STEM Goals
Empower students to become innovators and technologically proficient
problem solvers
Ensure that all students have access to the appropriate technology
conducive to enhancing their learning experiences both in and outside the
traditional classroom
Increase student 21st century skills and technological literacy by providing
students with opportunities to use the technical tools of the STEM industry
Nurture partnerships that allow schools and the business sector to join
efforts to improve students’ STEM-career opportunities
Increase the number of students pursuing carers in STEM-related fields
and/or post-secondary STEM related education/training
Project planning
• Local Maker Spaces
• Other Teachers - in
Robotics, Industrial
Arts, Fine Arts
• Parents
• Community
Essential Elements
• Faculty leadership, Administrative
• Building a Culture of invention and
• Thoughtful marketing of the program
internally and externally
• Guidance and reinforcement of deadlines
with student-led projects.
Running the Space
• Supervision
• Scheduling
• Purchasing the right
tools and equipment
• Training and careful
supervision of tools
Best Practices
• Get the minimum gear
• Create achievable projects for
• Actively share with the community to
build awareness and enthusiasm.
Favorite Activities
Solving problems in the community
Team-based challenges
Upcycling projects
Making in
Panel Discussion
Beverly Lowe
Member of the Cobb Maker Station on Historic Marietta Square
Spends her days as an Office Manager
As a mom, she is eager to encourage parents to be involved in helping
their children learn at every opportunity.
Makey Makey project was featured on
Tanju Bayramoglu
Maker, Father, Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager.
Member of the Cobb Maker Station on Historic Marietta Square
Helping Awtrey Middle School start their Maker Space
Grace A. Belangia
Greater Augusta Innovation Academy
The Clubhouse - Augusta Maker Space
Speaker at MakerCon San Francisco, MakerFaire New York and SXSW
For more Information:
• MAKE Magazine - (many
other resources available through MAKE)
• STEM-Engine - - curated
list of resources and projects
• K-12 Fab Labs and Makerspaces - Google
• Georgia DOE STEM Initiatives
• Georgia Tech Invention Studio –
Atlanta Maker Faire
Education Conference
October 3-4, 2015
Downtown Decatur
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