game maker – lesson 1 review





Write a definition for each of the terms listed below.

1) room: where you place game objects to create a scene

2) sprite: a 2D image used in a game

3) object: a container that can be placed in a room and receive programming

4) instance: an exact copy that inherits the properties of the parent object

5) animated: moves around the screen

6) static: does not move; sits in the same place during gameplay

7) condition event: part of the logic statement that describes what must exist to trigger the action event

8) action event: part of the logic statement that describes what occurs if the condition event is met

9) Game Maker event: any condition within a game that will cause something to happen

10) Game Maker action: what happens to an object after the event occurs

11) sounds: sound effects and music played during the game

12) sound effects: refers to music or samples

13) 2D: two-dimensional

14) music: a long sound; may be as long as a complete song

15) sample: a short sound file; may be as short as less than one second

16) object oriented: each item in the programming is a container, called an object, that can interact with other objects

17) programming language: written language that a computer can understand

18) coding: the process a programmer uses to record the words and symbols that the computer can understand

19) compiling: the process of changing computer codes, scripts, and other programming into a file that can run on a computer

20) user interface: how the player connects to the game


Complete sentences are not required.

21) List six computer languages commonly used in game design.

C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and Ruby

22) List three sound formats commonly used in game design.


23) Describe the user interface for the iPhone.

Has an accelerometer that detects how the player is tilting or shaking the iPhone, as well as accepting multi-finger input through a capacitive touch screen.

24) How is a Game Maker room similar to a slide in PowerPoint?

In Game Maker, you start with a blank screen, then add a background, images, objects, and text to the room. This is similar to adding elements to a blank slide in PowerPoint.

25) Write what the action is for the logic statement:

IF the car collides with the ambulance, THEN destroy the car. destroy the car