 Encourage students to appraise books based on a protocol. (Both published and
peers stories) To provide reasons for their opinions, and to share comments for
improvements of others stories.
 Using space terminology such as orbit while learning about the solar system.
Also language of voting such as democracy. Also scientific language such as
hypothesis, data collection.
 Talking about words/jargon around the current topic E.g dance terms. Sentence /
story making
 Students use the ‘Look cover write check’ method to learn new vocabulary
relevant to each new task
 Utilize the formal language of business when writing resumes
 Students studied the language of the ‘rules of the road’ during a Drivers
Education’ program
 Talking about words/terms used in the area of learning. Having a word bank for
students to draw upon
 Technical vocabularies are foregrounded when talking about Man Arts and work
around the school. (GAIN) students are corrected when they say 'l seen him
yesterday' and so on. No formal grammar is taught. Written sentences are used
and students write using proper sentence structure. Students read from texts in
the group setting aloud.
 Students are encouraged to use technical words.
- Word lists
- Word puzzles
- Use the word when talking about a process or and action.
- The teacher uses the technical word when talking about a
process or action.
 Sentence maker activity Cameron, Jordan, and Amy worked on this. They had to
identify the start of the sentence by the capital letter and the end of the sentence
by the full stop to match two halves of a sentence, then recognise if it was a
sensible sentence or a silly sentence.
 Review the terms “photo essay”, “story board”. Introduce the concept of a rating
scale, ranking excursions from most to least preferred
 Review the terms “speech bubbles” and “captions. Introduce and explain
“evaluation” and “rating
 Encouraging students to comment about the body, using communication mode
appropriate, having the language around the room that student can use, e.g. A
word wall, board maker symbols with pictures and words. Students create own
sentences using hamburger sentence strategy.
 Correct terminology is used where required