SIP Goal #3 (2015,2016)

School Improvement Plan
Goal #3
This Plan also meets legislative requirements for the Elementary Reading Achievement Plan, Professional Development Plan, and Trustlands Plan.
School Name: Orchard Hills Elementary
School Year: 2015-2016
Goal: Students who do not meet mastery with math standards will be provided additional time and assistance to master those skills.
Nebo Goal (Board Goal) Connection: At least 90% of students will meet or exceed math proficiency levels.
Action Plan(s):
1. Teachers will continue to create common assessments in math using the Utah Core Standards as a guide.
2. Data from the results of common assessments will be studied to determine if a student needs to be re-taught or enriched.
3. Time will be provided to teachers to re-teach students that did not master the standards found in the common assessment. Time will also be
provided for extension for the students that did master the standard. Teachers will use this time to provide re-teaching and enrichment
activities for students.
4. Success Maker Lab: Success Maker computer program will be used by struggling students to help focus attention on the area of math in
which they are having difficulty.
5. Technicians will be provided to help with re-teach and enrich activities.
6. Teachers will use technology provided by the school and the district to enhance student learning.
7. Teachers will participate in a two year Comprehensive Math Instruction (CMI) training.
Measurements of Success:
1. SAGE scores for students will provide data showing individual student progress.
2. The Success Maker program has a student progress recording system; student should demonstrate an increase in scores.
Supporting Professional Development Activities (if applicable):
1. Participation in a two year Comprehensive Math Instruction (CMI) training.
2. Faculty meeting will have time devoted to the aspects of math instruction.
3. Provide subs for teacher so they can participate in Lesson Studies, part of the CMI training.