US History Syllabus 2014-2015 Shoemaker High School
Instructor: Mr. Cefin
Tutoring time: 8:00 to 8:30 Monday through Wednesday and “B” Lunch by appointment, after school
from 4:10-4:45 by appointment.
Textbook: The American Republic Since 1877. You will need a textbook. You will need to bring it to
class on certain days. You will need to read assignments when assigned and take notes.
Course description: This course is two semesters long and a class that is required and it is worth .5
credits per semester. There is a STAAR test for this course administered in May. This course covers the
history of the United States from after reconstruction after the Civil War to the current news of the day.
Classroom activities and goals: A major goal of this class is to ensure that you have a good
understanding of where our country came from and why it is the way it is. We will use individual
learning, group activities, reading and writing and lots of discussion to learn our history.
Grading Procedures: Graded work will consist of short written assignments, activities, worksheets,
presentations, quizzes and tests. Your final grade will be determined on a percentage basis. Daily
assignments, quizzes and tests will be weighted differently.
This is my grading breakdown:
60 percent for summative activities such as major tests and projects.
40 percent for formative activities like class work, homework and quizzes.
Homework / Assignments: Contact me about missing assignments on days that you miss. This is your
responsibility. If you do not make it up it will go from M for missing to a zero on the 5th day following
your absence. You will have homework, most of it is reading and taking notes on your reading, and it’s
due on the next day or the date assigned…I expect you will have it done and be prepared to discuss it.
Scope and Sequence:
(Fall Semester)
First 9-weeks
Introduction to Course
Unit 1(12 days): The West and the Gilded Age
Unit 2 (5 days): Celebrate Freedom Week
Unit 3 (10 days): The Progressive Era
Unit 4 (12 days): Rise to World Power
Second 9-weeks
Unit 5 (11 days): Transition to the Modern Era
Unit 6 (10 days): The Great Depression and New Deal
Unit 7 (10 days): The U.S. Reacts to the World at War
Semester Exam
Christmas Break
(Spring Semester)
Third 9-weeks
Unit 8 (10 days): WWII
Unit 9 (11 days): Onset of the Cold War and the 1950’s
Unit 10 (13 days): The Civil Rights Movement
Unit 11 (13 days): New Frontiers and Familiar Enemies
Spring Break
Fourth 9-Weeks
Unit 12 (9 days): 1970-1990
Unit 13 (9 days): 1990- Present
Unit 14 (9 days): Ever Changing America
STAAR Review (3 days)
STAAR Exams (3 days)
Final Projects (11 days)
Final Exam
Required Supplies
I expect you will bring the following materials on a daily basis:
Composition book for notes
A black or blue pen
At least two pencils
Lined paper (I don’t care if it’s college or standard rule)
3 X 5 index cards (You’ll need a lot of these for vocabulary and other projects)
Classroom Rules:
1. Rules are here to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to receive uninterrupted
education opportunity. They are designed to protect not hinder the student.
2. Do not disrupt me while I am giving instruction and do not interrupt a student if he/she
has been given permission to talk or is giving a presentation. Ask questions after I am
finished speaking. Raise your hand and wait for me to address you.
3. Raise your hand to respond in class.
4. Ask questions!
5. No food, soda, or gum in the classroom.
6. Show respect to ALL others.
7. You will be given time to work on tasks in class. You will work on those tasks in class.
8. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
9. I dismiss the class, NOT the bell.
10. Electronic devices are allowed to be used in the classroom when I authorize it. Take
notes as they are given. If you are using your device inappropriately it will be
11. Academic English is to be used in class.
12. Try your best, participate in all activities and have fun!
We have read and will comply by the syllabus.
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