Unit 3 Final Test Study Guide

Unit 3 Final
To be successful for this
unit’s final test please know
the information on the
following slides.
Definitions for:
 Temperature
 Thermal
 Sublimation
 Thermostat
 Convection current
 RSI Value
 Mechanical energy/ thermal energy
 (how to convert mechanical to thermal)
You need to know:
 The
temperature of a healthy body
 What’s the best device to use to measure
the temperature of lava
 Good/poor conductors
 What temperature scale is used by
scientists to measure very low
 What
kind of thermometer would be used
to collect continuous data over a 24hr
 The energy source for Earth’s weather
 Know how we can generally conserve
 States of matter- gas, solid, and liquid and
how their particles act
Discuss the current use of fossil
fuels under the following headings:
 Sources
 Contribution
to Global Warming
 Other environmental concerns
 Possible solutions
Long Answers
 Explain
the difference between a
conductor and an insulator. Give an
example of each.
 List
and define the three methods of
thermal energy transfer.
Long answers cont.
 List
the Five components of all energy
transfer systems-(energy source, direction
of energy transfer, transformation, control
system, and waste heat).
 Explain
3 ways that water affects Earth’s