Mid Term Study Guide - Madison County Schools

Please get out a
sheet of paper and a
writing utensil. We
have a lot to do
What is a scientific theory?
Which polymer is composed of amino acids?
What is an isotope?
What is the max # of covalent bonds that can form between a
single carbon atom and 1 or more hydrogen atoms?
How do you find the number of neutrons that an element has?
How do you know when a chemical formula represents an
organic molecule?
How can you tell which solution has the greatest concentration of
hydroxide ions (OH-)
Explain the induced fit model of enzyme function.
Breaking what type of bond would require the most energy?
10) How do you find an average?
11) List 2rules of conducting a good experiment.
12) List 2 more rules of conducting a good experiment.
13) List procedures that could lead to discovering and documenting
scientific dishonesty.
14) List 3 rules of good lab practice.
15) What is a spectrophotometer used for?
16) A scientific theory is based on experimental results that satisfy
what criteria?
17) What are three steps that ensure the scientific validity of results in
an experiment?
18) What is the goal of basic scientific research in biology?
19) If a scientist found that the results of an experiment didn’t support
their hypothesis, what should they do?
20) What are three examples of proper lab technique?
21) If a researcher makes an observation that goes against scientific
understanding, what should the next step be?
22) Know how to read simple charts, obviously there isn’t anything to
write here.
23) Why is having a control important?
24) According to the cell theory, are viruses considered living things?
25) Explain an experiment that would provide scientists with the best data
for investigating which type of feed yields the greatest gain in lean muscle
mass in cattle.
26) How should students begin a new laboratory activity?
27) What does a virus require to reproduce?
28) What happens if you place a red blood cell in pure water? By which
process does the net water flow occur?
29) Draw a phospholipid bilayer with a channel protein. Draw molecules on
the inside and outside of the cell. Draw arrows to indicate how these
molecules would move during facilitated diffusion.
30) Draw and label the phases of mitosis in the correct order.
31) What combines with a sugar and a phosphate group to form a
32) If albinism is a recessive trait, what is the genotype of someone with
33) If a mother, son, father, and daughter do not have a specific
condition, but a younger son does, who must be carriers?
34) If males and females have to inherit 2 alleles to have a disease,
what mode of inheritance does it follow?
35) What is a lysosomes function?
36) What organelle makes proteins?
37) How do DNA and RNA differ from one another?
38) What is a cell wall made of, and where is it located in relation to
the cell membrane?
39) In a cell, proteins move from the endoplasmic reticulum to which
40) What happens if an organism lives in a hypotonic environment?
41) A single mitotic division of a human skin cell generally produces: