EPS/Biology Integrated

EPS/Biology Integrated
Vocabulary List for the Week of
December 14 – December 18
1. Nucleolus: organelle in eukaryotic cells that creates ribosomes.
2. Ribosome: non-membrane bound organelles in cells that
produce proteins.
3. Endoplasmic Reticulum: organelle in eukaryotic cells with a
series of highly folded membranes; the site of chemical
reactions like protein synthesis.
4. Vacuole: membrane-bound space in the cytoplasm of cells
used to store materials.
5. Golgi Apparatus: organelle in eukaryotic cells that osrts and
packs proteins and sends them to their appropriate destination.
6. Tissue: groups of cells working together for a common function.
7. Dermal Tissue: also called the epidermis; a tissue that covers
all parts of the plant and offers covering and protection of the
8. Ground Tissue: tissues of plants that offer the functions of
photosynthesis, storage, and support. Cells of this tissue
include large amounts of chloroplasts.
9. Vascular Tissue: plant tissues responsible for the transport of
food, dissolved materials, and water; has two types Xylem and
10.Meristematic Tissue: regions of plant tissue that actively
produce new cells causing growth of the plant.