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Honors Analysis
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What is Analysis?
 Honors Analysis = Pre-Calculus
 Algebra Review & Advanced Algebra
 Trigonometry
 Sequences, Series, & Probability
My Teaching Philosophy
 As your child’s teacher, I feel my most important role
is to provide him or her with positive feedback and
encouragement. In doing so, my ultimate goal is to
give your child the self confidence necessary to be
 I am very enthusiastic about math. It is my sincere
hope that some of this enthusiasm will be passed on to
your child.
Keys to Success
 Warm Ups
 Notes
 Homework (checked just about everyday)
Checking answers in the back of the book, on HAC, or on my website
is an integral part of the homework process.
 Studying
 Asking for Help
 Total Points
 Homework = 2-4 points per checked assignment
Quizzes = 25-50 points per quiz,
usually one per chapter
Tests = 100 points, usually one per chapter
Midterm & Final Exam = 25% of the 2nd and 4th marking period
grades, respectively
Extra credit assignments are rarely given and are not worth a
substantial amount of points.
Return of Assessments Policy
All assessments are graded and returned in a timely fashion.
I go over the assessments with the class, touching upon common
 Students are then given the opportunity to ask questions regarding
the assessment.
 I collect the tests and keep them in my filing cabinet. Each student
has a file folder.
 This folder can be taken home upon request.
Scores are published to “HAC” prior to the assessments being
District assessments, i.e. midterms and finals, are not returned.
What Comes Next?
 AP Calculus BC
 For very serious math students who earn an A in this course.
 AP Calculus AB
 For serious math students who earn and A or B in this course.
 Accelerated Statistics
 AP Statistics
 For serious math students.