Miss Ives's Open House Powerpoint

Welcome to 3rd Grade
Open House
Miss Ives’s Class
A little about Me!
• I am from St. Louis, grew up in Chesterfield, and
went through the Rockwood School District.
• I received a Bachelor’s degree from Mizzou and a
Master’s degree from Lindenwood University.
• This is my 4th year of teaching.
• I live in a condo in Brentwood.
• I have 2 younger sisters. One is a 6th grade
teacher and the other is student teaching at
Bellerive in Parkway.
My Sister’s Wedding
Conference Sign Up
• Conference Sheets are coming
around! Make sure you sign up for a
Fall and Spring Conference.
• If you are unable to make a time that
is listed, let me know and I’ll be sure
to work something out!
Third Grade “Firsts”
Grades given for the first time
Assignment Notebooks
MAP Testing
SMARTgoal Folders
Character Education
Character is a main focus
10 Character words
Buddy Classes
Self Control
Reading Curriculum
• Balanced literacy approach
• Cover 7 units:
Readers Build Good Habits
Thinking Strategies
Nonfiction Reading
Story Elements
Determining Importance
Dealing with Difficulty
Reading Curriculum
• By the end of 3rd grade, students should be
reading at a level P.
• The student’s grade is based on individual
conferring notes, End of Unit assessments, a
reading notebook, teacher observations, and inclass assignments.
• Students should be reading books at home for at
least 30 minutes EACH night.
• Scholastic Book Orders
• Pasta House reading incentive
Writing Curriculum
• Workshop approach
• Cover 7 units:
Writers Build Good Habits
Telling Good Stories
Writing to a prompt
Personal Narrative
Persuasive Essay
Writing Curriculum
• The grade is based on End of Unit
assessments, conferring notes, class
assignments, published pieces, and
teacher observations.
• Students will publish a writing piece
for each unit.
Word Study
• There will be NO spelling tests again this year,
but there will be spelling check-ins with me.
• A base-line assessment will be given for K-3
accountable words.
• Any writing throughout the day should have these
words spelled correctly.
• SMARTgoals will be given based off of words
we’re seeing misspelled in class.
Math Curriculum
• Students will gain a positive attitude about mathematics,
feel competent and confident, realize the value of
mathematics, and they will be engaged actively in their
• 9 units covered:
Number System
Data Analysis
Geometry and measurement (2D unit and 3D unit)
Fractions and Decimals
Patterns, Functions, and Change
Math Curriculum
• The grade is based on class work,
assessments, and teacher
Science Curriculum
• We will use a special science notebook that
follows the scientific method throughout the
• The grade will be based on the notebooks,
assessments, in class work, and teacher
• Extra Credit given at the end of some units
• 4 units covered:
– Food Chains
– Plant Growth and Development
– Force and Motion
– Rocks and Minerals
Social Studies
• The grade is based on work completions,
assessments, in class assignments, and teacher
• 6 units covered:
– Welcome to Social Studies!
– What is Geography?
– What is Culture?
– What is Government?
– What is History?
– What is Economics?
Study Guides and
• A study guide will go home for science,
social studies, and math assessments. We
will also send home reading practices for
the reading assessments.
• We let you and the kids know about a week
in advance when the next upcoming
assessment will be.
SMARTgoal Folders
This year each student will have their own SMARTgoal folder.
Based off of what the 3rd grade students need as a whole, we
will make a 3rd grade SMARTgoal and individual goals for our
kids. These will be in multiple subject areas. Detailed notes
and instructions will be included in the SMARTgoal folders so
that you can help at home. These will be starting in the next
few weeks, and most homework will focus around them. This is
a great way for us to give each student what he/she needs in
many subject areas.
Progress Report Folders
• In the middle of each trimester, I will send home
a progress report folder. In here, you will see
how your child is doing as far as citizenship and
study habit grades go. You will also see the letter
grade that your child is currently earning in each
core subject. (Reading, writing, math, science,
and social studies.) At the bottom, you will see a
space for your parent initial, and you’ll have to
send this back to school the following day.
The MAP test
• MAP testing takes place at the very
end of April and beginning of May.
• Students will be tested on
Communication Arts and
• Ongoing MAP activities will take
place throughout the year to help
prepare students.
Field Trips
• We will go to the Botanical Gardens on
September 20th for a science field trip
about life cycles.
• We will also travel to the Magic House for
our Economics unit in Social Studies
sometime in the winter or spring.
MAP Practice
• We will have MAP Practices at least once a week.
(MAP practice is embedded in our curriculum, so
we’ll be preparing for the MAP test all year long.)
We will send home a MAP Practice Folder for you
to keep at home. When your child brings home a
MAP practice activity, we’ll have them add it to
the folder so you can help them with those skills
at home if you’d like. 
Assignment Notebook and
Take Home/Homework Folder
• Planners should be signed each night by the
parents or whoever is taking care of the child.
• I will go over homework and planners each
• Notes and homework will come home in a silver
homework/take home folder.
• Homework and notes should be returned the next
day unless otherwise noted.
Homework Policy
• The students in third grade should plan on having
30 minutes of homework time each night.
Homework activities will include the following:
– Completion of work not finished in class and any other
teacher given assignments.
– After completion of work your child should read for 20
minutes. This reading practice will help students
increase fluency, comprehension, and spelling.
• Any homework not completed will be finished at
recess time.
Snack and Birthday
• ALL snacks must be egg and peanut free. They should
also be healthy and easy to eat while working. (I prefer
snacks that don’t need a spoon.)  I’ve told the kids that
they can drink from a water bottle during snack, but after
that, it goes in their backpack and disappears for the rest
of the day
• Unhealthy snacks should be held until lunch.
• Birthday Treats are welcome, but must be store bought and
peanut and egg free. Also, we have 23 kids in our class, so
make sure you send enough for everyone please.
Behavior Policy
• Yellow Behavior Slip- 4 step process for
misbehaviors in the classroom
– Warning
– Time Out with a student written letter home
to parents (Sent home for parent signature)
– Missed recess with parent contact
– Principal Referral
– Serious behavior issues would be handled
directly by administration
Amelia’s Notebook
• Our writing curriculum centers
around a 3rd grade journal. We model
these off of the book series Amelia’s
Notebook. We’re decorating our
book tomorrow, so please help your
child find things to decorate it with.
That’s It!
• That’s all I have for tonight! If you
have any questions, never hesitate to
ask!  I am available by email, work
phone, or cell phone.
• I’m so excited about this school year!