Age Appropriate Transition Assessments Questions

Age Appropriate Transition Assessments are an ongoing process of collecting data on preferences,
interests, needs and strengths(PINS) that relate to current and future work, education, living and
personal social environment. These assessments are the common thread that builds the
Individualized Education Plan(IEP)
Questions to ask to decide do I have the information I need to develop a transition IEP:
Where is the student presently?
Where is the student going?
How does the student get there?
1. Familiarize yourself with the different assessments
2. Select the assessment that can answer the following questions
Who am I?
What are my unique talents and interests?
What do I want to do to with my life now and in the future?
What are the main barriers to getting what I want from school and community?
What are my opinions on school and community for preparing me for what I want now and in
the future?
3. Select instruments/ methods that are appropriate for the individual student
Consider: nature of disability, post school ambitions( example would be a person with more
complex disabilities would be best served by person centered planning)