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Erik Erikson
Stage 2
Autonomy Vs. Shame
Stage 3
Initiative vs. Guilt
• During the preschool years (3-6 years old.) Use of
power and control.
• Able to lead others
• Sense of guilt.
• Initiative- is recognizing and doing what needs to
be done before asked to do it.
• Ex: cleaning your room before being asked.
Stage 4
Industry vs. Inferiority
School age 6-12, during latency
Learning new skills
Feeling of confidence
Low self esteem
Future success and feelings of inferiority
Stage 5
Identity vs. Role Confusion
By: Vanessa Hollon, Cara D. & Sam McNamara
12-18 yrs old
trying to find identity
Struggling with social interactions & moral issues
many go into a period of withdrawing from responsibilities
most significant relationships are with peer groups
during adolescence, children are exploring independence &
developing a sense of self
• proper encouragement and reinforcement through
personal exploration = a strong sense of self & a feeling of
independence & control
• those who remain unsure of their beliefs & desires =
insecure & confused about themselves & the future
-What is done to us, what we do.
-Not a child anymore, but not yet
an adult.
-Our task is to discover who we
are as individuals.
-Thinking where were going and
how were getting there.
-They feel the need to establish
their own identities.
Stage 6
Young Adult : Intimacy vs. Isolation
19-40 years old.
Strong relationships
Stage 7: Generativity & Stagnation
• This stage usually occurs within the ages of 26 to 64
years of age.
• Generativity is the concern for people besides
oneself and family, yearning to nurture and guide
younger people and contribute to the next
generation is developed within this stage.
• Stagnation is the fear that one will not succeed as
much as they would like to in the world and will not
leave a positive influence.
• Those who do not have a strong sense of creativity
or are not spiritual in nature may not have
completed this stage, those individuals that don’t
will be stagnated or one without goals.
Stage 8
Integrity vs. despair
• 65 to death Late Adulthood
• Despair-look back at experience, fear
• Integrity- look back and see the
happiness in their life, and make right
• Stage 8 is recovering from stage 7