I’m so sick of my wife always cursing my kids!
Basic Information
NAME: ZEUS King of the gods/ Olympian
Relationship Status
Married to Hera, but I have
over 115 other girlfriends. In
fact I even swallowed one
Top Friends
The Cyclopes
Support Group for children
eaten by parents
Rulers of the world
Anger Management
Gender: Male
Hometown: A secret cave, hiding from my father Cronus so he didn’t eat me.
Currently Resides: Mt. Olympus
Favorite Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey.
Favorite song: “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks.
Favorite quotation: “I go where the sound of thunder is.” Alfred M. Gray
Likes: Lightning and thunder, oak trees, eagles, vomit potion
About Me: I saved my siblings from my father’s stomach so I pretty much am
amazing. Everyone has to do what I say or I get angry. With 140 kids, I get pretty
busy especially dealing with all the human problems too. I had over 115 girlfriends
and wives. I was secretly raised by nymphs on the milk of a sacred cow. My
favorite daughter Athena was born out of my head. I spent ten years leading the
Olympians in a battle with the Titans-and won! Yeah, I’m that cool. I’m the ruler of
the gods, did I tell you that?
Hello, Zeus.
What are you feeling today?
Hades posted on your wall.
Type wall post ere.
I think it’s time for my wife to return! Anytime…
Top Enemies
Related to
Hera: wife
Hestia, Hades, Poseidon,
Demeter and Hera: siblings
Rhea and Cronus: parents
Gaea and Uranus:
Most famous children: Perseus
and Heracles
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Hephaestus posted on your wall.
Hey, Zeus! Thanks again for Aphrodite, but I think she hates me.
Hera posted on your wall.
Zeus, are you pretending to be a cloud again? You know I can see
through that trick, right? You won’t get away with that again.
Poseidon posted on your wall.
Hey, bro! Did you see Hades up there lately? He doesn’t look too
good. He is looking a little pale. Ha! Ha!
Hercules posted on your wall.
Hey Dad, could you tell your wife, Hera, to back off? She’s making my
life and the twelve labors a little difficult to complete.
Cronus posted on your wall.
I will destroy you and the Olympians!
Danae posted on your wall.
Sorry to bother you, Zeus, but your son, my son…our son, Perseus, could use
some help fighting Medusa. Please send something to aid him.
Gaea posted on your wall.
Zues, darling, thank your for freeing my children, the Cyclopes. You’re a hero.