By: Hannah, Megan, and Rikki
1. Roman name- Jupiter.
2. Supreme God of all the Olympians.
3. Father of Perseus and Hercules.
4. Youngest son of the Titans Cronus and
5. Cronus tried to swallow Zeus as a baby.
6. Cronus had already swallowed his
7. Zeus overthrew Cronus and made him
vomit all his siblings.
8. His brothers are Poseidon and Hades, and
his sisters are Hera and Hestia.
9. He lived on Mount Olympus.
10. He married to Hera, his sister.
1. She fell in love with Adonis.
2. She has long gold hair.
3. She was born in the sea foam.
4. She is the most beautiful.
5. Aphrodite married Hephaestus, the blacksmith.
6. She is the Goddess of beauty and love.
7. She had a lot of boyfriends.
8. She was born from Cronus’ dead body.
9. She has the most stories written about
10. Aphrodite had a son named Cupid.
 He is a bearded, older man usually pictured with
seashells and other sea life.
His symbol is the three pronged trident.
Strengths- A creative god, designing all the creatures
of the sea.
Weaknesses- warlike, though not as much as Ares;
moody and unpredictable.
Spouse- Amphitrite; a sea goddess.
Parents- Cronus and Rhea.
Brother of Zeus and Hades.
He is a bearded, good-looking man in the
prime of life, (at least before TV interpretations,
where he is portrayed as a vigorous, handsome
young man)
Symbol- The spear.
Strengths- Decisive, determined, fearless.
Weaknesses- impulsive, bloodthirsty, raring for
a fight regardless of the consequences.
His only love was for war.
1. She was the goddess of marriage.
2. She is jealous most of the time of Zeus and his
3. Hera was the reigning female of Olympus.
4. Hera was worshipped throughout Greece.
5. She was the enemy of Hercules.
6. She tried to kill Hercules as an infant.
7. Her roman name is Juno.
8. She married Zeus.
9. She is Zeus’ sister & wife.
10. Hera and Zeus had three children, Ares, Eris,
and Hephaestus.
Appearance- A young women wearing a helmet
and holding a shield.
Symbol- The owl.
Strengths- rational, intelligent, a powerful defender
in war but also a potent peacemaker.
Weaknesses- reason rules her, she is not usually
emotional or compassionate but she does have
her favorites, such as the beleaguered heroes
Odysseus, and Perseus.
She was born out of the forehead of Zeus.
She has no children.
Appearance- usually depicted as a dark haired,
bearded young man but he can be shown beardless
as well.
Symbol- grapes, wine cups, and wineskins.
Strengths- Dionysus is the creator of wine. He also
shakes things up when it gets dull.
Weaknesses- God of intoxication and
Son of Zeus & Semele.
Apollo. (:
 A man with curly golden hair.
 Symbols- The sun itself.
 Strengths- Creative, handsome, supportive.
 Weaknesses- Like his father Zeus, Apollo is all
to happy to enjoy the charms 0f myphs.
 Roman name- Diana.
 Parents- Zeus and Leto.
 No children.
 Artemis is a goddesses of the hunt, wild animals,
childbirth, healing and plague, and later, the moon.
 Appearance- An eternally young women, beautiful, and
vigorous, wearing a short costume which leaves her legs
• Parents- Zeus & Metis.
• Birth- Born from the head of Zeus, assisted by Hephaestus,
Prometheus, Hermes, or Palamaon.
• Athena is a goddess of wisdom and crafts, war and strategy.
Roman name- Ceres.
Parents- Cronus & Rhea.
Children- Persephone. Dionysus, Despoena, Arian,
Plautus, Philomels, and Embolus.
• Appearance- A dark haired man who has difficulty walking
due to deformed feet.
• Symbol- The forge & fire.
• Strengths- creative, cunning, and an able metal worker.
• Weaknesses- Can’t handle his liquor.
12 MAJOR GODS!! :p
 Helps know the past.
 It relates to most subjects in school like science and math.
 Greek math magician
 Greeks liked science, we talk about Greek mythology in
 Pythagoras was interested in finding the patterns and rules
in mathematics and music, which we have today..
 Aristotle and other philophers at the Lyceum and the
Academy in Athens worked on observing plants and animals.
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