Learning-Focused Strategies Extending Refining Lesson Plan: EATS

Learning-Focused Strategies Extending Refining Lesson Plan:
Teacher : _Brown_______________________ Unit: _ Unidad 2, Etapa 3____________________Class:
_Spanish 2__________________
Date of lesson: __12/5/11-12/9/11- ____________________
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How do you conjugate regular and irregular verbs in the imperfect and preterite tenses?
What is the MOST important
concepts or skills?
With key questions if necessary.
Activating Strategy:
How will you activate your
lesson or link to prior
(Examples: KWL, work maps,
Wordsplash, etc.)
How do you use “gustar-like” verbs in Spanish?
How do you describe eating in restaurants and foods in Spanish?
How do you use direct and indirect object pronouns in Spanish?
Daily 10 with verb conjugations and past activities
Think, pair, share with verbs like gustar
Wordsplash with verb conjugations
One sentence recap. of previous day’s lesson
Analogies with vocabulary words
ACCELERATION H/G class will write in their journals
STRATEGIES: H/G class will do current event reports in Spanish
(Focus on content maps and
key vocabulary for next
What instructional strategies
will you use in your lesson?
(Examples: graphic organizer,
distributed guided practice,
distributed summarizing,
collaborative pairs)
Guided practice – verb conjugation practice worksheets
Graphic organizers, thinking maps, & conjugation charts
Mas Practica writing notebook
Collaborative pairs activity-dialogue
Graphic organizer with verb conjugations
Guided practice- computer activities in the media center-vocabulary, p. 171, verb
conjugations,verbs like gustar, and object pronouns
SUMMARIZING Answer essential questions
STRATEGIES: Ticket out the door with vocabulary and yesterday’s activities
How will students summarize
what they are learning during
the lesson and at the end?
(Examples: Ticket out the Door,
3-2-1, etc. Answer the EQ)
(if necessary)
3-2-1 with restaurant and food vocabulary
5 W’s summary with reading activities
Analogies with vocabulary words
One sentence summaries with grammar concepts