Verb Study Guide

Verb Study Guide Action Verbs ●
a word that expresses a physical or mental activity Examples: 1. Sally​
walked ​
to the mall. 2. Sheila ​
her car into the bridge. 3. Alex and Marsha questioned ​
Mr. Scholte about his fabulously decorated star shirt. Linking Verbs ●
a word that connects the subject to something about the subject Examples: 1. She ​
a very smart girl. 2. The teacher ​
became frustrated with her students’ grades on the test. 3. After the basketball game, we ​
were sweaty. Helping Verbs ●
a verb that helps a main verb in a verb phrase Examples: 1. Arthur ​
walking to the mall at five o’clock. 2. Luke ​
watching the football game on TV. 3. The dancers ​
should have​
practiced their routine before the performance.