Pre-IB Lab Practical Review

SNC 1DB Lab practical review
10% of your final grade
Date of the Lab Practical:
Location of the Lab Practical: Room
Bring the following with you: pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, calculator
DO NOT BRING: backpacks, jackets, books
Chemistry (4 stations):
Qualitative properties (i.e. colour, state, pure substance vs. mixtures, element vs.
Be able to distinguish between physical and chemical changes
Observing a reaction
 Qualitative observations of reactants and products
 Chemical names and formulas
 Chemical equations (word, unbalanced, balanced)
 Identifying types of reactions and predicting products
Be able to draw Lewis-dot diagrams for compounds and identify structural compounds.
What is the difference between an ionic and covalent bond?
Know how to name compounds.
Know how to use the Periodic Table (groups, periods, atomic number, valence
electrons, etc.)
Electricity (2 stations):
Know the difference between a series and a parallel circuit
Be able to draw circuit diagrams using all the correct symbols.
Know how to solve problems involving either current, voltage drop or resistance.
Static Electricity and the Electrostatic Series
o Be able to show the movement of electrons (what happens when you rub two
objects together?)
o Be able to use the electrostatic series
Ecology (2 stations):
Biomes – be able to distinguish between the different biomes given different abiotic
and biotic factors
Food Webs
Space (1 station):
Distances in Space
o Triangulation
o AU to LY
You cannot be absent for the day of the lab practical. If you are late, you will not get extra
time to finish. If you are away, you will receive a mark of zero for the lab practical. If you
have a doctor’s note, your final exam will be worth 30% of your final grade.
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