Chemistry 11 Topics

Chemistry 11 Topics
1. Atomic Theory: The evolution and development of the atomic theory from the time of the Greek
philosophers to the present day.
2. Elements and the Periodic Table: Elements are the simplest form of pure substances, each
characterized by it's own atom. The elemens are arranged in the Periodic table, developed over
hundreds of year as a result of the observation of the characteristics of these elements.
3. Ions : Atoms of elements that differ in the number of electrons in their shells are known as ions.
4. Isotopes: Isotopes are more than one example of an element that differ in mass due to a
differing number of neutrons.
5. Ionic Compounds: Compounds which are formed when two or more ions come together and
bond due to electrostatic attraction.
6. Covalent molecules: When two uncharged non-metals come together through the sharing of
7. Chemical Formulas: The representation of compounds and molecules using the chemical
symbols of the atoms.
8. Chemical Equations: a representation of a chemical reaction through the combination of
chemical formulas and representative symbols.