 What do you do when someone insult your friends ?
Do you defend them? How?
 Long-term Causes of
World War 1
 A growing sense of
nationalism and
imperialism fuels
competitiveness and
antagonism in Europe, this
leads to military buildups
in many powerful nations
 The fears and jealousies
results in the creation of
two defense alliances, the
Allies and the Central
 An Assassination Leads
to War
 The assassination of
Archduke Franz
Ferdinand sparks the
first World War
 The alliance system
forces many nations into
the war
 The Fighting Starts
 Germany invades
 Armies use trench
warfare to fight for small
areas of land
 Fighting is deadlocked
two years
 American Neutrality
 Although most
Americans oppose
entering the war public
opinion is strongly
 Economic and cultural
ties with Britain plus
reports of German
atrocities, gain American
sympathy for the Allies
 The United States Enters
the War
 The British naval blockade
creates terrible food
shortages in Germany
 German U boats sink
British ships, and turn
American public opinion
against Germany
 Wilson is reelected in 1916
on a platform of neutrality,
but events prompt the
president to declare war