Failures Scenario

CSE 5324
Inception Revision
Team 6
Hardik Shah
Khandaker Moinur Rahman
Sanjay Vasudeva Iyer
Shwetha Narayan
Zhang Yuxuan
• High Level Requirement
• Market Survey
• Use Cases
• Prototype
• Risk Management
• Iteration Plan
• Goal
High Level Requirement
The system should allow user to • Register an account.
• Login with a valid user name and password.
• View dashboard once logged into the system.
• Click on the Friend tab to see all his friends.
• Add friends by their user name.
• Delete friends from the list.
High Level Requirement- Cont'd
The system should allow user to choose a• Specific sport.
• Day,from the next seven day from today
• Time slot.
The system should allow user to • View total number of people attending at that time slot
• View the attending number of people in a group
invitation at the time slot.
• Add his own attendance at a time slot
High Level Requirement- Cont'd
The system should• Show user all his notifications on the notification tab
• Allow user to invite friends to attend a sport activity at a
specific date and time
• Allow user to accept invitation
• Allow user to decline invitation
• Show user all his planned activity on dashboard
• Show user the statistic in the chart tab
Market Survey
1. Schedule Planner (iPhone, 5 stars)
 Arrange list according to
some category.
• Repeat a task every day.
• Simple easy to navigate
app layout.
• Have charts to depict the
• No group plan for an activity.
2. Orchestra(iPhone, 4.5 stars)
• Create tasks with voice.
• Tasks created for other
people in your list of friends
on Orchestra.
• Real Time chat.
• No categorization of tasks.
3. Caros Calendar & Planner(Android, 4.3 stars)
 Monthly plan
• Google calendar
• Weekly plan management.
• Cluttered interface.
• No Group Plan for an Activity
4. Any.DO(Android, 4.5 stars)
• Voice captures of
things to do.
• Planning group
• Sorting of planned
tasks based on
• Task Categorization is absent
MACtivity- How it is better?
• Simple interface with easy navigation.
• Dashboard containing the list of activities planned
by the user.
• Ability to plan an activity for a group of people.
• Notifications on the invitations to the activities
planned by others.
• Statistics.
Use Case Analysis
• Use Case Registration
• Use Case Plan
• Use Case Group Plan
Use Case Registration
Primary Actors: Students, Faculty, Staff,
Main Success Scenario:
Users get their username validated and have
login access
Failures Scenario:
Database Crashes
Use Case Plan
Primary Actors: Students, Faculty, Staff,
Main Success Scenario:
User successfully schedules for the Activity and
it is effectively updated on the calendar
Failures Scenario:
Database Crashes
Key Technical Challenges & Solutions
Make the system fault-tolerant, robust and reliable.
Uncertainty about users’ expectation & requirements
from the app.
Users may input data leading to unexpected behavior.
Server up time
Provide a guideline to use this app
Conduct testing in each level of development
Use a reliable server
Other Risks to be Considered
Business Risk:
Android users may not be willing to use this application at our
expected rate.
Make the app very user-friendly & beneficial
Other Risks to be Considered (Contd.)
Classified data of MAC.
Generate dummy data based on our own observation
Matching schedule of developers
•Meeting at least twice a week.
•Collaborative coding & review
Iteration Plan
Iteration 1 :
Login Page
Registration Page
Individual Plan
Group Plan
Friend List
Notification Page
Iteration 3:
Statistic Chart
User Profile Page
User Dashboard
Implement all basic functionalities
Widening the circle of users
Making the app user-friendly
App should be fault-tolerant, robust and