Fruit Stand App Project - University of Pennsylvania

Fruit Stand App Project
Who Are We?
• Jarrett Stein, Student Engagement
Coordinator at the Netter Center
• Students from the University of Pennsylvania
– CIS350: Software Design and Engineering
– Susan Hirai, the project manager
– The Programmers: Two teams of four
undergraduates (sophomores to seniors) from
Engineering, the College, and Wharton
A Mutually Beneficial Project
• The Netter Center gets a functional app
made specifically for the EAT.RIGHT.NOW
program’s after-school fruit stands.
• The students gain experience with building
apps for Android using good software design
The App
• Built for Android (in Java)
• Records information during the fruit stand:
– Enter stand info. and inventory at the beginning
– Track customer, product, and price information
from each sale
– Walk through basic calculations and check for
– Send all data to an online database
• Currently, the app allows the user to input
information on volunteers, the weather,
inventory, and sales made.
• Next, we will create an educational walkthrough of the relevant math equations.
• Soon, we will make it possible to send all
collected data to a database for future