Choosing The Right Path: Decision Making

Temple University
Math/Science Upward Bound
Often we do not
recognize the positive
and negative effects of
our choices.
Choices effect the path
our life takes regardless
of the external
influences on us.
For every situation
there is always a choice,
even when you may feel
there isn’t!
Bad choices tend to
have an immediate
reward with a stiff
price to pay later
In some cases our
bad personal
choices effect
Nothing good can
come from a BAD
Example: There are
countless bad choices to
name but a few could be
stealing, cheating, lying.
Choices that pose a
threat to our well being
or our feelings are
example of bad choices.
Good choices may
not be the same
for every
individual person
Good choices
improve a
person’s life for
the better
Good choices
directly effects the
quality of your life
Example: Joining a
academic program to
help you succeed in
college even though
you do not receive
compensation for
A simple way to evaluate
List as many things as you can in each category. If you can list more things for
pros, then that is the option to go with. However, if you list more things for
cons, it may mean that might not be the best option. You may need to
rethink and possibly come up with a new strategy to handle the situation.
Should I study for this test tomorrow?
High chance of good grade
High chance of poor grade
Help me learn
Hurt my overall grade
It’s the right choice
Time/ Hassle to prepare
Click link to watch video:
Decision Making
Things to think about as you watch:
What are some decisions the main character had to make before
the four minute point?
What are some pros and cons of each decision?
How are the versions of the main character’s life different?
Student Name:_____________________________________ Date:_______________________
1. List three situations in your life recently where you had to make a decision
a. ________________________________________________
b. ________________________________________________
Decisions, Decisions,
Decisions Online Workshop
4. Do you think you made the right decision? How so?
c. ________________________________________________
2. Using one example from above, list as many pros as you can.
5. Is there anything you would do differently? Please explain
3. Using the same example list as many cons as you can.
6. The video shows two different outcomes in the main character’s life which appear to be a result of the decisions she made growing up? Do you
believe your current position in life is a result of the decisions you have made? Please explain
7. What is a decision the main character could have made during the first four minutes of the video that could have impacted her life positively?