The Diocese of Ripon and Leeds


The United Benefice of All Souls’ and St Aidan’s, Leeds


Archdeacon’s Signature: Paul Hooper

Date: 20 August 2012

To be reviewed by the Bishop and Archdeacon respectively at 6 months and 12 months under the

Diocesan Resources for Changing Post Scheme. Annual review thereafter under the Diocesan Ministerial

Development Review Scheme.

1) Details of the post:

Team Rector Title:

Benefice: All Souls’ and St Aidan’s, Leeds




2) Role Purpose

The Bishop of Ripon and Leeds, delegated to the Archdeacon of Leeds





To advance the Kingdom of God though shared leadership, collaboration and example


To exercise the cure of souls in the churches of the benefice, shared with the bishop, and

to promote the ministry of Word and Sacrament.


To ensure that the people receive support, pastoral care and services including Sunday worship, worship at festivals and holy days and occasional offices.



To give spiritual leadership in the parish, providing inspiration and fresh direction.


To be a leader, motivator and guide, so as to create a functioning and united Team;


To facilitate and manage the Team in discerning, prioritising and delivering its mission strategies;


To build a clergy team that is mutually supportive, sustained by shared prayer, which uses all available gifts and skills effectively across the Team;


To foster the spiritual and numerical growth of the congregations so as to promote their capacity to make Christ known in the communities, groups and networks they serve.

Main responsibilities:

What specific role do you envisage your new priest will have in helping your church or PCC to achieve its mission priorities highlighted above?


To chair the PCC and the St Aidan’s DCC, in partnership with the lay chairs of these bodies.


To serve on any boards/committees/trusts to which the Team Rector is appointed ex-officio.


To develop the potential and maximise the use of the two great church buildings as a spiritual

resource for mission.


To uphold and oversee the shared leadership of the Team – both lay and ordained.


To encourage lay discipleship and leadership among all age groups across the Team.


To encourage the Team’s contribution to relevant community initiatives eg PAFRAS,

Supporting the Local Community at St Aidan’s ;


To foster good relations with the Christian communities which share the church buildings and to make appropriate provision for their needs


To access the appropriate involvement of the diocesan Mission Resourcing Team so as to promote the viability and well-being of the parishes of the Team;


To improve governance and communication across the Benefice through the PCC and DCCs through establishing structures for better sharing and co-operation where necessary.

3) Key Contacts

 Clergy

 The Revd Alice Snowden

 The Revd Diana Zanker

 The Revd Clive Rawlins

 The Revd Paul Hunt

 The Revd Canon Kathryn Fitzsimmons

 The Revd Ade Lawal

 Church Wardens:

 Monica Richardson Sowe (All Souls’)

 Michael Campbell (All Souls’)

 Andrew Ifill (St Aidan’s)

 Rosamond Lehany (St Aidan’s)

 Readers

 Anthony Jowitt

 Carolynne Pepper

 Head Teachers of local schools

 Ecumenical partners

 Area Dean and Lay Chair of Allerton Deanery

 Archdeacon of Leeds

4) Role Context

The United benefice of All Souls with St Aidan’s stretches across a diverse area of inner city Leeds from the edge of the Leeds University Campus in the west, through Little London and Harehills and extends as far east as Oakwood Clock at the southern end of Roundhay Park.

The area is principally residential although it also comprises a mixture of light commercial, retail and educational uses. Alongside the longstanding Leeds residents, a diverse and cosmopolitan range of people make their home in the parish - mainly of East European, Asian or Afro-Caribbean origin. The housing stock is a mixture of high and low rise local authority houses, contemporary student flats, Victorian terraces and semi-detached properties build in 1930’s.There is a distinct contrast in the parish between the vibrant, multi-cultural area of Harehills and the quieter, more isolated Little London community which has

no obvious community focus. The cultural life of the city is on the doorstep - the city’s theatres include the

City Varieties, the Grand Theatre, home to Opera North, and the renowned West Yorkshire Playhouse.

There are two Anglican churches in the Team’s area. All Souls’ (Hook Memorial) Church, Blackman Lane,

Leeds was built between 1876-1880 to serve the growing population of this area of the city during the latter part of the C19th. The church now serves the mixed residential and commercial area of Little

London. The fine building includes many treasures – including a unique baptistery. The church is used regularly by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. In April 2012 the Tabot Stone (Ark of the Covenant) was installed in the unused ringing chamber in the tower. The construction of S Aidan’s, Harehill’s, took place between 1891-1894. The world famous Brangwyn Mosaics, unveiled in 1916, are situated in the Apse. Once an area of unremitting back-to back housing, Harehills has evolved into a vibrant and cosmopolitan innercity community with a wide range of shops and small businesses.

5) Benefice Summary



All Souls’ and St Aidan’s, Leeds

The Bishop of Ripon and Leeds, the Diocesan Board of Patronage, Rector of Leeds,

Simeon Trustees

PCCs: 1




Churchwardens: as above

1 Team Vicar, SS Associate Priest, Assistant Clergy – Permanent Deacon and



All Souls, Blackman Lane,

St Aidan’s Harehills

St Aidan’s Parochial Hall

(Grade 2*)

(Grade 2*)

Population: c18,250

Average Sunday Attendance across benefice (2012 return): 114

Total Share: St Aidan’s

All Souls

£44,173 (2012) (Paid in Full)

£4, 887 (2012) (Paid in Full)

Historic Share: St Aidan’s - £ none

All Souls’ - £51, 098 (as at 31 Dec 2012)



St Aidan’s

All Souls


Paid in full

Paid in part

Church Tradition: Churchmanship in the Team is “inclusive, welcoming, warm and anglo-catholic”.

The parish welcomes women priests and values the tradition of a daily mass.

Pastoral re-organisation proposals: None imminent – in the medium term a link with St Martin,

Potternewton is being explored.