Practical Project Management
This workshop makes this important discipline accessible to participants who need to understand
project management. It is aimed at either professionals in services or academics working on a
research project – who need to deliver some agreed outcomes to a fixed timescale and/or
budget. This might be a change to the way a service operates or the introduction of something new,
or it might be a research grant or bid submission or delivering on a successful bid– it might even be
something you do regularly (like run a conference or arrange an event) that would benefit from
having appropriate project management and structure to it.
Workshop Objectives:
1. Increased confidence in your ability to manage projects
2. Identify and discuss issues around project governance
3. Identify and discuss stakeholder engagement issues
4. Identify and discuss how to manage risks and changes within your project
Who is it for?
anyone who is leading or about to lead a project and who need a broad understanding of
effective project management skills, tools and techniques
Please note: Some experience or involvement in projects will help participants to relate to the
What will I learn?
Why projects go wrong
How to plan, organise and implement projects to prevent things going wrong
The importance of ‘setting up for success’ - getting the basics right (ie roles and
responsibilities) before considering next steps
Ways to successfully engage with all stakeholders
Key tips for managing risks and changes
Benefits of attending:
You’ll get a suite of tools and techniques for planning and running projects, and an
understanding of how to use them to help you deliver
You’ll understand your stakeholders more clearly, and you’ll know how to engage them
throughout the life of the project
You’ll be able to recognise the early warning signs before things start to go wrong
You’ll be able to start and finish projects successfully by using the methods described
Dr Laurence Hogg
Laurence is a Strategic Change Manager at the University of Leeds. He has over 25 years’ experience
working on projects ranging from small activities to large-scale multi-partner initiatives. He has
delivered outcomes for research projects in universities, business change projects in HE and other
sectors, and technology business start-ups in the commercial world. He recently completed a 2-year
project in IT at Leeds to deliver a project management framework (called the 5Ds), all the
underpinning tools and techniques and a supporting project portfolio management system.
Dr Tony Bromley
Tony is responsible for the Graduate Training and Support Centre in the Staff and Departmental
Development Unit. He is an experienced researcher and a PhD graduate of the University of Leeds.
He has been delivering and running programmes of training and development activity for over ten
years, firstly at the University of Manchester before rejoining the University of Leeds in 2006.