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Alex Anemone
Cenithia Bilal
Assistant Principal
Parent Newsletter # 7 – 10/30
Tonight (7:00-9:30) is the annual PTA Black and Orange Dance. Walk-ins (with
permission slip) are welcome ($5).
Tired of text messages that confuse “your” and “you’re”? You are in luck…Wednesday
is the official Glenfield Language Arts Department’s Your/You’re Day. Every Glenfield
students will receive a mini-lesson on proper usage of your/you’re. We are hoping to
stem what might be considered a cultural embarrassment. Future mini-lessons will be
should of/should’ve. Any other suggestions? Send them to us via twitter
There will be a PTA Meeting Tuesday at 7:00 and a School Action Team Meeting
immediately following. Please join the world famous Mr. Pruksarnukul (House
Belmonte) for his presentation: How to Help Your Middle School Child Get and Stay
Organized. Students who attend will receive a homework pass, to be used on any
“regular” homework assignment (i.e. not a project).
The Montclair Public Schools will be closed on Thursday (11/4) and Friday (11/5) for the
NJEA Convention.
Reminder: The Montclair Police Department will be out on Maple Ave. during morning
drop-off ticketing illegal U and K-Turns. Please be cautious.
Dr. Catherine Good and her research team from Baruch College-CUNY will be
conducting a research project at all three Montclair middle schools this school year. The
project has been approved by Dr. Alvarez’s office and the Institutional Review Board at
Baruch College. The research project investigates the area of student achievement. Early
next week, students will be bringing home a consent form. If you wish for your child to
participate in the survey, you must fill out the consent form. If you do not provide your
consent, your child will not participate in the research project. No student will miss any
“basics” time; all of the surveys will be completed during their elective double-block
class periods (6th – periods 2/3; 7th – periods 4/5; 8th – periods 7/8.) If you have any
additional questions about this matter, feel free to contact Dr. Good (646-312-3862) or
[email protected]
Kids Corner: Dylan Scarfo (House Hurwich) has been playing fall baseball for the U11
Promotion Patriots in Fairfield. Last week, he had a Ruthian game, missing the cycle by one hit.
His stat line reads: single, double, grand slam homerun, 5 stolen bases, 5 rbi’s and 6 runs scored.