Unit 2 Reading Questions

Unit 2 Reading Guide The Progressive Era
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Chapter 5 Section 3
1. Why were farmers hurt by the government’s withdrawal of
greenbacks from circulation?
Pd _______
6. What problem did prohibitionists feel was undermining American
7. What became, by 1911, the largest women’s group in the nation’s
2. The Populist Party was created to fight for the needs of which
group of Americans?
3. Why did the Populists make “bimetallism” an issue in the presidential
election of 1896?
8. Who were the “muckrakers”?
9. How much did Henry Ford pay his workforce in the early 1900s?
10. What was “Fighting Bob” LaFollette’s major target of his reforms
as governor of Wisconsin?
4. Who made the “Cross of Gold” speech?
Chapter 9 Section 1:
5. What were the four primary goals of the progressives?
11. What did the 17th Amendment call for?
Chapter 9 Section 2:
12. Who were the co – founders of the National Women Suffrage
18. Why was Theodore Roosevelt referred to as a “trustbuster”?
13. Why was the liquor industry opposed to women’s suffrage?
19. What was the purpose of the Interstate Commerce Commission
14. Where (territory or state) did women first win the right to vote?
20. What two acts of Congress, passed at Teddy Roosevelt’s urging,
gave the ICC the power to regulate railroads?
Chapter 9 Section 3:
15. Who was the author of The Jungle?
16. Why was Theodore Roosevelt chosen to be William McKinley’s
vice-presidential running mate in 1900?
17. What was Theodore Roosevelt’s “Square Deal?”
21. Why was Theodore Roosevelt seen as the first “Conservationist
22. What was the purpose of the NAACP?
Chapter 9 Section 4:
23. What did William Howard Taft accomplish while president?
24. Why did Theodore Roosevelt decide to run against Taft in the 1912
Chapter 9 Section 5:
27. What were the major goals of President Woodrow Wilson’s “New
Freedom” programs?
28. What antitrust law, enacted by Congress in 1914, gave the federal
gov’t greater powers to “bust” trusts?
29. What did the 16th Amendment call for?
25. What were the goals of the Progressive Party (“Bull Moose Party”)?
30. Why did President Wilson call for a Federal Reserve System?
26. Who became the president as a result of the Election of 1912?
31. What did the 19th Amendment call for?
32. Why did World War I bring an end to the Progressive movement?