US 1st Sem Ex Study Guid1

US History 1st Semester Exam Study Guide
1.Early prospectors would extract shallow deposits of ore by
2.The Comstock Lode was a rich deposit of
3.Many of the first miners in the Colorado mountains did not find minerals because
4.Under the Homestead Act, homesteaders could gain title to the land by
5.One approach to farming the Great Plains was “dry farming,” in which farmers
6.After ore near the surface dwindled, mining corporations began
7.Wheat had an advantage on the Great Plains because
15.Laissez-faire relies on ____ to regulate prices and wages.
16.Because of the shortage of workers in California, the Central Pacific Railroad hired workers from
Which of the following choices best describes the diagram?
18.The two railroads that built the transcontinental railroad were the
19.To make rail service more reliable, in 1883 the American Railway Association
20.Department stores changed the idea of shopping by
21.A ____ was a technique for breaking a union in which the company refused to allow the workers on the property and
refused to pay them.
25.In the early 1860s, Chinese immigrants came to the United States to
26.The Workingman’s Party of California was formed to
27.William M. Tweed was
28.____ was the philosophy that wealthy Americans bore the responsibility of using their great fortunes to further social
29.In big cities like Chicago in the 1800s, ____ functioned like community centers and political centers for male workers.
30.Immigrants tended to adjust well to America if they
Which choice below best completes the diagram?
32.Nativists wanted to
33.Subway systems were first developed to
34.Tammany Hall was a
35.What philosophy stated that some people failed in life simply because they were caught up in circumstances they could
not control?
41.The Mugwumps were
42.The McKinley Tariff resulted in
43.New technology helped farmers produce more crops, which tended to
44.The Supreme Court set the stage for legalized segregation by overturning the
45.Unlike in the North, segregation in the South was
46.In a newspaper article, Ida Wells reported that three African American grocers in Memphis had been lynched because
they had
50.The Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown by
51.The Platt Amendment effectively made Cuba into an American
52.Theodore Roosevelt became president
53.The purpose of the Open Door policy in China was to
54.Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for negotiating peace
55.The Roosevelt Corollary was seen as a statement which was built upon the
58.A mesaure of distance east or west of the prime meridian.
59.On which continent is the United States located?
60.An imaginary circle around the earth, equally distant from the North and South Poles.
61.A measure of distance north or south of the equator.
62.What is used to tell direction on a map?
63.Efficiency progressives believed that cities should be run by a
64.Wisconsin became known as “the laboratory of democracy” because of its
65.Socialists believe in
66.Theodore Roosevelt tried to win the Republican nomination from William Howard Taft in the 1912 election because
he believed that Taft
67.In a direct primary,
68.The Constitution originally specified that senators would be selected by
69.Wilson believed lower tariff rates would lead American companies to