In this assignment you are conducting a mock-interview with Theodore Roosevelt (remember he
was the first president to truly utilize the power of the media). The questions are posed below.
Your job is to, in writing, respond how Teddy Roosevelt would have responded to these questions.
To be clear-each answer should be at least a paragraph in length (because TR always had a lot
to say!) By googling “Theodore Roosevelt quotes”, you will find out how TR often gave inspiring
1. What hardships and life experiences have you faced growing up and how has your
background helped you overcome obstacles as Assistant Secretary of the Navy,
Governor of New York, Vice President, and as President? Notes, internet
2. Some have said that you have changed the modern presidency. What do you
believe is the duty of the President and could you explain your Square Deal?
Pages 318-319
3. Do you believe that all trusts are bad and should be “busted”? How have you
regulated the coal, railroad, and meatpacking industries? 317, 319-322.
4. Regarding the environment, Could you explain the difference between the views
of Gifford Pinchot and John Muir. Whose views do you follow more? 322-324
5. Do you support women’s rights and black civil rights? 316, 324-325
6. You won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906. How did you settle the Russo-Japanese
War? 360
7. Your foreign policy has been called the Big Stick Policy. Could you explain your
Big Stick Policy and give examples of it. Also, explain your Roosevelt Corollary
policy that you have in Latin America. 360-362.
Young Theodore Roosevelt
Rough Rider TR
President TR