AP Imperialism Reading Quiz

AP Progressive Era Reading Quiz
Anthracite Coal Strike
Meat Inspection Act
16th Amendment
Eugene Debs
Ida Tarbell
Elkins Act
Newlands Reclamation Act
17th Amendment
Federal Reserve Act 1914
Upton Sinclair
Hepburn Act
Robert LaFollette
18th Amendment
Clayton Antitrust Act
the Square Deal
Pure Food and Drug Act
Mann-Elkins Act
19th Amendment
Woodrow Wilson
1. because of The Jungle, this law required that ingredients and contents be placed on food labels
2. Progressive Governor from Wisconsin, Presidential candidate in 1912
3. provided for a graduated income tax system in the United States
4. collective term for reform oriented writers who attempted to expose corruption in American business and gov’t
5. term for Theodore Roosevelt’s domestic agenda which called for consumer protection and control of corporations
6. law which completely re-organized the American banking system
7. the temperance movement resulted in this
8. 1906 law which empowered the ICC set railroad shipping and transportation rates
9. expanded the powers of the ICC to include railroad rates and communications
10. because of The Jungle, this law required that minimum sanitation standards be met in relation to the cattle
11. this law reflected Theodore Roosevelt’s concern for the environment
12. labor leader who was the Socialist Party candidate for President in 1912
13. muckraking author of The History of Standard Oil Company
14. greatly strengthened the ability of the U.S. government control monopolies
15. Theodore Roosevelt intervened in this labor crisis
16. suffragettes were happy with this
17. a Populist idea to put more electoral power in the hands of the people resulted in this
18. elected President in 1912
19. this law ended the practice of providing rebates to favored customers who used the railroads
20. muckraking author of The Jungle