Middle Ages Review Sheet

Middle Ages Review Sheet
Essential Questions
What historical events led to the rise in the feudal and manorial system?
What role did the rise of Christianity play in shaping Medieval society?
How did feudal warfare lead to nation building?
What achievements were made in the field of art and literature?
What is the legacy of the Middle Ages?
Who are they? What are they known for? Why are they significant?
1. King Clovis
2. Charlemagne
3. Charles Martel
4. Pepin the Short
5. Louis the Pious
6. Vikings
7. Alfred the Great
8. William of Normandy
9. Henry I
10. Henry II
11. King John
12. Phillip IV
13. Otto I
14. Henry IV
15. Pope Innocent
16. Pope Gregory
17. Pope Urban
18. Germanic people
What are the causes? What is a summary of the event? What are the effects? Why is it significant?
1. Scramble for power post Roman Empire
2. Decline of the Frankish Empire
3. Treaty of Verdun
4. Rise of the Church
5. Persecution of the Jewish people
6. Economy Recovers
7. Kings gain power in England
8. Kings gain power in France
9. Crusades
10. Black Plague
11. 100 Years War
12. Concordat of Worms is signed
13. Struggle for Italy and Germany
14. Achievements in the arts
What is the definition (in your own words)? What or who is it connected to? Why is it significant?
1. Feudalism
2. Manor
3. vassals
4. fief
5. feudal contract
6. knight
7. serf
8. Magna Carta
9. Parliament
10. Common Law
11. lay investitures
12. Chess
13. Estates General
14. Scholasticism