Organelle Quiz Study Guide 1. List the 3 parts of the Cell Theory 1

Organelle Quiz Study Guide
1. List the 3 parts of the Cell Theory
1. All cells come from pre-existing cells_________
2. Cells are the building blocks of life__________
3. All living things is mode of one or more cells___
2. What is a prokaryotic cell? Give an example.
a cell with no defined nucleus, bacteria
What is a eukaryotic cell? Give an example.
a cell with a defined nucleus, animal & plant cells
4. What is an organelle?
organs of the cell, structures inside the cell that carry out cell
Give the function of each organelle and tell whether it is found in an animal
cell, plant cell, or both.
a. Nucleus- brain of the cell, contains DNA/chromosomes
b. Chloroplast – organelle where the process of photosynthesis takes
c. Cell membrane – thin membrane that surrounds the cell to protect the
cell; keeps good stuff in and bad stuff out
d. Lysosome – the clean up crew for cells; cleans up old cell parts
e. Ribosome – Makes proteins
f. Mitochondria – produces energy( ATP); power house of the cell
g. Cell wall – rigid covering made of cellulose found in plant cells
h. Vacuole – storage tank for cell, stores water, nutrients and waste
i. Cytoplasm – jelly-like substance inside the cell
j. Chromosome – DNA, genetic material in cell
5. Define:
a. Unicellular - made of only one cell
b. Multicellular – made of 2 or more cells
c. Cell – building blocks of life; membrane surrounded structures that
contains organelles
d. Homeostasis – maintenance of a stable internal environment
e. Chlorophyll –found on chloroplasts and gives plants their green color
Don’t forget Robert Hooke discovered cells in 1665 while looking at a piece of cork
under a microscope