Unit 2 _ Chapter 2- The American Colonies Emerge

Chapter 2 The American Colonies Emerge
Section 1: Spain’s Empire in the Americas (p.36-41)
1. Describe how the Spanish conquered Native American peoples. (techniques used to control them)
2. Summarize Spanish exploration of the Americas. (3 phases)
3. Summarize Native American resistance to Spanish rule.
Section 2: An English Settlement at Jamestown (p.42-48)
4. Identify the obstacles facing the first English settlers in North America.
5. Understand the factors that helped Jamestown to flourish. (discuss what things helped settlement survive)
6. Contrast English and Spanish patterns of conquest. (different techniques to control/deal w/ Natives)
7. Describe the economic (money) and social (culturally or within society inequities (unfairness or unequalness)
that triggered Bacon’s Rebellion.
Section 3: Puritan New England (p.49-54)
8. Identify the motives that led the Puritans to New England. (Reasons they came to New Word)
9. Summarize the principles (guiding ideas) of government established by the dissenters who fled to Rhode
10. Explain the conflicts between the English colonists and the Pequot and Wampanoag.
Section 4: Settlement of the Middle Colonies (p.55-59)
11. Describe daily life in New Netherlands.
12. Explain the reasons for the social (culturally or within society) and religious diversity of colonial